Facts About Menstruation After Childbirth

Facts About Menstruation After Childbirth

Facts About Menstruation After Childbirth The process of menstruation after childbirth will bring lots of changes to your body. This is a good thing as the arrival of menstruation indicates that your body has resumed the normal process of ovulation. The occurrence of the first period after childbirth differs from woman to woman as it affected by the factors like breastfeeding and bottle feeding habits.

Although there is uncertainty involved in the occurrence of the period after childbirth but one should be aware of the following facts related to menstruation after childbirth.

Starting Your Menstruation After Childbirth


The first period after childbirth is long, painful and heavy bleeding takes place in them. This is due to the fact that there is a large gap between the two periods and the body has lost the habit of menstrual cycles. It takes time to readjust to the process of menstruation.

The process of menstruation may continue till ten days but make sure the flow of blood decreases day by day. Some females observe cramps during their first periods. You can take pain killers and a heating pad to ease pain but the dose should be mild and taken up only in consultation with a doctor. However, the successive periods are more convenient.


The occurrence of the first period signifies that your body has started the normal process of ovulation but it does not mean that the cycles will be regular.

Facts About Menstruation After Childbirth

Breast feeding disrupts the normal process of ovulation and thus menstrual cycles. The irregularity in periods while breastfeeding is a normal thing and not a matter of concern.It may be regular for some women and irregular for many others.

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Wrong Notion

This is a misconception that if they are not getting their first periods then they cannot ovulate. The delay in the menstrual cycle is not a protection for you against pregnancy. The point to be noted is that the flow of blood starts after the process of ovulation and it is possible to conceive before the arrival of your first period.

When to Expect Normal Menstruation

It has been mentioned before that it differs from woman to woman so the first period can come between anytime after two months of childbirth. However some women get their first period after childbirth only when they stop breastfeeding.

But you should not take it as a form of contraception as the ovulation can still take place. The bleeding does not start because of the fact that the sucking baby signals to the brain to withhold the hormone that galvanizes the ovulation. This depends upon the frequency of the sucking as if the sucking decreases then the hormones become active leading to menstrual flow. If the baby sleeps whole night than also the chances of early menstrual flow increases.


Though the first period is heavy and long after the childbirth but it can be a case of infection, molar pregnancy, thyroid disease or an indication that the body have not cleared the waste products of the pregnancy. So consult a doctor if you think that if you are having very heavy periods which are longer than eight days.