Facts About Metabolic Syndrome And Its Effects

Feeling extremely irritated by that bulging belly of yours? If you answer in the affirmative, then you would be surprised to note that you are not alone out there. There are thousands of individuals who although not keen on doing it, sport pot bellies of different sizes. And while the reason for the issue would be different in most cases, the repercussions in almost all the cases would be the same; metabolic syndrome!

What Exactly Is A Pot Belly?

Also called as belly fat, central obesity or abdominal obesity; the pot belly condition in an individual occurs when there is an excess accumulation of fat around the stomach and abdomen areas, thereby resulting in an abnormal increase in waist size.

Causes For Pot Bellies In Individuals

Age cannot be determined as a deciding factor when pointing out the reasons for pot bellies in individuals. A person in his early 20s’ is just as likely to develop a pot belly as a 40 year old individual. Some of the deciding factors though are lifestyle changes, erratic work schedules, lack of proper exercises, an improper diet and of course, factors like hormonal changes, physical and mental disorders, genetics etc.

What Is The Metabolic Syndrome?

Although pot bellies can lead to plenty of issues in individuals, including excessive weight gain, diabetes and heart related ailments; one of the worst possible health conditions that you can contract with a pot belly is the Metabolic Syndrome.

Also called as the Syndrome X or the Insulin Resistance Syndrome, the Metabolic Syndrome is a collective list of health checks that target factors like blood sugar, high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride levels; all of which can individually and jointly contribute to the condition.

What Can Metabolic Syndrome Lead To?

Metabolic Syndrome is hard to notice and the initial signs are mostly ignored for other miniscule problems. However, the outcome of the syndrome is vast and problematic. A person diagnosed with metabolic syndrome has higher chances of contracting diseases like type 2 diabetes; plaque, strokes, cardio vascular issues, clogging up of arteries, cancer and in the worst case scenario, death!.

It has also been found out that metabolic syndrome can drastically reduce the age at which these diseases can actually create harm in the human body. Accordingly, an individual suffering from metabolic syndrome has higher chances of contracting one or more of these diseases as soon as he/she crosses 30 years of age. As a result of this, the age of individuals who succumb to metabolic syndrome has also come down alarmingly to 35 years.

Signs That Could Warn You Of Metabolic Syndrome

The only way to stay safe from Metabolic Syndrome and its related issues is to keep a sharp check on certain warning signs. Accordingly, if an individual happens to notice his/her waistline increasing constantly, he/she would need to take it as a sign of impending trouble. It is also recommended that every individual has his/her blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels checked out regularly to notice abnormal changes if any.

Individuals who have family members who already have diabetes, obesity or heart diseases need to be more careful of contracting metabolic syndrome. These individuals need to get their blood sugar levels tested continuously every other month; and would also need to undergo other tests recommended by their physician to effectively notice any signs of trouble.

Staying Safe From Metabolic Syndrome

It doesn’t take a Herculean effort to stay safe from the troublesome issue called metabolic syndrome. All it would need is some time, effort and dedication to remain healthy and free of health related hassles for the rest of your life. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that!

Precautionary Measures For Kids

If you have kids at home, then it helps to start the practice of healthy eating and exercising at a young age itself. Avoid junk foods to a maximum (including soft drinks, starchy foods, sugary eatables, and fatty foods) while sticking to more nutritious options (like vegetables, lean meats and foods that contain healthy fats).

Get rid of the idiot box and urge your kids to go out and play instead. A 60 minute exercise routine that would essentially comprise of physical games and chores is highly recommended for young children. Not only would these activities energize them, they would also pave the way for a healthier lifestyle in the future for your kids.

Accordingly, you can opt for simple backyard games like football, disc throwing, climbing etc. and chores like carrying objects, helping with the household chores inside the house.

Precautionary Measures For The Age Group 20-30 Years

As you reach your 20s’, it becomes necessary to substitute the normal activities and games with proper exercise routines that need to be adhered to on a regular basis. Accordingly a 60 minute workout regime consisting of exercises like weight training, flexibility workouts or cardio vascular exercises.

The 20s’ are when your body is at its peak, both in health and vigor. So utilize this period and try to remain active for the most part of the day. Opt for healthy eating habits while focusing on simple day to day activities like walking to office, cooking or climbing the stairs to rejuvenate your body.

The 20s’ also happen to the be period when your body undergoes the maximum amount of stress that it can handle. So it is absolutely necessary that you opt for anti stress activities to remain healthy and active in the long run. These include sleeping well, meditating, relaxing, and opting for deep breathing exercises etc. It also pays to avoid smoking and drinking, the effects of which can be quite troublesome for your body in the long run.

Precautionary Measures For The Age Group Above 30 Years

The 30s’ are when your body starts slowing down from inside; the effect of which starts showing on your health as well. The body’s metabolic rate starts slowing considerably after crossing 30 years of age.

This is reflected in the weight gain that seems to occur even with the same diet and exercise regimes. And so, as and when you cross 30 years of age, you need to incorporate another very significant option into the already established fitness program. And that would be regular physical checkups to make sure that your health parameters are fine and functioning properly.

Individuals who find it hard to control their blood sugar levels and triglyceride levels even after dieting and exercising properly would need to opt for medications to get these levels back to normal.

Accordingly, individuals who seem to suffer from high blood sugar can opt for Metformin which helps to reduce weight and decreases the insulin levels in the body as well.

Individuals suffering from high blood pressure levels can opt for telmesartam, lisinopril and olymsartan etc. which help to inhibit the factors that cause the issue in the body. And individuals suffering from high triglyceride levels are normally prescribed fenofibrates which work on both the triglyceride and insulin resistance levels in the body.

Be forewarned though that these medications can have unwarranted side effects on different individuals and need to be checked by a qualified physician before being used.