Few Useful Tips For You To Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally

breast CYSTS Breast cysts that appear as small lumpy outgrowths can be distressing for any woman. The occurrence of breast cysts is quite common, and most of them are benign in nature. Hormonal fluctuations in adult women during their reproductive ages are mainly responsible for these undesirable outgrowths.

Many women do not experience this problem at all, but the number of sufferers is not negligible either. The cysts appear and disappear naturally during the menstrual cycle, and this may occur several times throughout the life of a woman. Breast cysts are fluid filled sacs, which can be painful. Often, the fluid from the cysts needs to be drained out to alleviate the pain. Therefore, it is quite natural for women to look out for some useful tips to avoid breast cysts naturally.

Useful Tips To Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally:

You can avoid breast cysts naturally through some modifications in life style and avoiding certain things. You should stick to the guidelines to prevent this botheration and enjoy your life heartily.

Provide The Right Support Wearing A Support Bra:

Using the right fitting bra is a natural approach to avoid breast cysts. Your bra must support the breasts firmly not tightly. Very often women make a mistake in choosing very tight fitting bras that hampers circulation in the lymphatic ducts. Use a support bra in case your breasts turn very sensitive due to cysts. This will prevent too much movement of the breasts while carrying on routine jobs.

Restrict The Use Of Caffeinated Beverages:

Though this assertion is not based on any scientific proof, but statistics do indicate that excessive caffeine intake may favor the formation of breast cysts. According to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, women may get some relief from breast cysts if they avoid caffeinated beverages. However, researches from internationally reputed organization reveal that there are chances of breast cancer in women with breast cysts, who consume 4-5 cups of coffee daily.

Refuse Chocolates:

You will have to sacrifice your sweet tooth to avoid formation of breast cysts. Pause for a moment before you reach out for a handsome chocolate bar.

Opt For A Healthy Diet:

Avoid high fat dairy products. Instead, include skimmed milk and low fat yoghurt as the dietary source of calcium. Include higher amounts of fiber in your diet. Regular intake of vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, beans and broccoli reduce the chances of breast cysts. Include iodine rich food in your diet to avoid breast cysts. Sea weed and kelp are rich in iodine and should form a part of your regular food. Avoid saturated fats, refined foods and red meat.

Exercise To Reduce Stress:

Physical workouts and yoga are great stress relievers that can prevent breast cysts. Yoga improves circulation in the lymphatic ducts and detoxifies your body.

Maintain A Healthy Liver:

Overstressed liver may contribute to the formation of breast cysts. Women with irregular bowel movements have higher chances of developing breast cysts. The liver fails to break down the estrogen hormone, which builds up in the body resulting in breast cysts. Include fruits in your diet for proper functioning of the liver.

Massaging The Breasts:

Massage your breasts regularly with olive or almond oil to avoid breast cysts naturally. Massaging enhances the lymphatic circulation in the breasts and prevents the accumulation of fluids that appear as cysts.


You can avoid breast cysts naturally through regular intake of Vitamin A, B- Complex, C and E. Check that the vitamin supplement is high in Vitamin B6. Minerals like Selenium, flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil are also very helpful in preventing breast cysts.