4 Fiber Rich Foods For A Healthy Life

Fiber Rich Foods

Some of us feel that eating fiber rich foods do not have any specific effect on the body as the fiber is usually excreted by the body as undigested waste. However, the fiber that is removed from the body as waste is done so only after the body strips it off its potentials.

There are generally two types of fibers and both are deemed important for the body. The soluble type of fiber is as the name suggests dissolvable in water and helps to keep the body safe from cardiovascular related disorders.

The insoluble type of fiber on the other hand does not dissolve in water, but aids in protecting the body from issues like diabetes and intestinal disorders etc.

Advantages Of Fiber Rich Foods

Including a regular dose of fiber rich foods into the daily diet has its benefits. An appropriate amount of fiber ensures the development of a clean and healthy digestive tract in addition to normalizing the HDL levels in the body. Regular intake of fiber would also ensure protection from issues like diabetes, colon cancer, and kidney and gall stones.

Fiber also helps the body in the weight loss department. Accordingly, adding rich sources of fiber to the existing diet would enable individuals to feel full faster and remain full for longer periods. This in turn would curb excessive appetites and sudden hunger pangs that would lead to the bingeing.

Foods Rich In Fiber

Here is a list of some of the best fiber rich foods that are considered essential for a well balanced diet.



One of the richest sources of fiber available, bran is an essential ingredient in whole grain breads, oats, bucket wheat, corn and rye etc. In addition to containing high levels of fiber, bran is also noted to contain large amounts of magnesium and vitamin B6, all of which are required for a healthy, trouble free body.



Finding soybeans on this list can be a bit confusing considering the fact that they can cause hypertension (owing to high levels of sodium). However, opt for the dry, roasted variety which is low in sodium content and you have a tasty, healthy snack filled with fiber that you can munch on at any time of the day.

Cocoa Powder, Dark Chocolate

Cocoa Powder

Of course eating plenty of chocolates can make you fat pretty quick and individuals are generally advised to leave all varieties of chocolate at all costs.

However, chocolate may have more benefits than you can think of, starting with the fact that certain varieties of chocolate are loaded with fiber, potassium, iron and other essential nutrients.  The trick lies in choosing the right kind of chocolate which in most cases would be the darker, baked varieties rather than the milk ones.

Other Foods


In addition to these fiber rich foods, you can opt for other sources of fiber to include in your daily diet. These include sesame seeds, flax seeds, sesame butter, apples, beans, broccoli, artichokes, lentils, whole fruits, split peas, black beans, black eyed peas, sunflower seeds, dried coconuts, almonds, chestnuts and peanuts etc.