5 Best Remedies For Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

Excessive bleeding during menstruation is usually caused by imbalance of the hormones, clotting of the blood and maybe due to some disorders in the uterus lining. This is usually seen in teenage girls and women who are in their menopause stage. Ladies of both the age group are affected by hormonal imbalance.

In case if the situation exceeds beyond a limit, then definitely medical help is the best solution. Here are the best remedies for excessive bleeding during menstruation:

Remedies For Excessive Bleeding During Menstruation


Ginger is called as “Grandma Ginger” not only because it is an ancient method of treating but also due to the fact that it provides relief in almost every problem. Take some ginger. Pound it well.


Put it in a vessel filled with water and boil it. If you think that this solution tastes bitter, you can sweeten the solution by adding some honey or a bit of sugar to the same.

Coriander Seeds

Take some coriander seeds and boil it in the water that can be considered twice the amount of coriander seeds taken. Keep boiling it for a long time.

Coriander Seeds

As you go on boiling further, there will be a point of time when the quantity of water would be reduced to one fourth of the quarter. Let it cool down. Then you can drink this potion. Also you can make this potion and have them at regular intervals. Coriander is said to have cooling effect which gives a cold compress effect on the stomach and reduces the pain.

Mustard Seeds

Take some mustard seeds. Ground them and make them into fine powder.

Mustard Seeds

Mix this powder with hot milk and have it on regular basis during your menstrual time. You can also start having this some days before you get your periods.

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Take some cinnamon and mix it in hot water. Have this potion at regular intervals.


This helps in reducing the heavy flow of menstrual cycle. Also, it helps in controlling and striking a balance among hormones.

Change Your Lifestyle

If you can change and control your lifestyle, then definitely it will help you improve your hormones. Drink lot of water. Avoid exercise or any other strenuous kind of job when you have your periods. Stay away from hot and spicy food. Eat food that is rich in iron content. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, sweets etc. Drink lot of gooseberry juice on regular basis. You can also take some ice in a cloth and place it on your stomach to provide cold compress. This helps in maintaining hormonal balance.

Drink Lot Of Water

The above mentioned are a few of the do’s and don’ts for excessive bleeding during menstruation. By controlling your lifestyle and making small changes in it, you can definitely try to control the excessive bleeding. Only if things get abnormal, it is always recommended to pay a visit to the doctor to get you checked. Sometimes what we consider normal bleeding might turn out to be the symptom of some other disease. Hence always have the correct information before you leap into anything.