Five Best Treatments For Bowel Cancer

Five Best Treatments For Bowel Cancer

Five Best Treatments For Bowel Cancer Bowel cancer is caused due to rapid cell growth in the large intestine namely the colon or rectum. Major symptoms of bowel cancer, also known as colorectal cancer include bleeding and anaemia. When a person is diagnosed with bowel cancer, the treatment of the disease should be immediately started. The medications given to the patient depend upon the size and stage of the cancer. Here are some of the best treatment methods for bowel cancer:

Treatment Methods for Bowel Cancer


If the cancer is at a relatively early stage, then it can be removed from the colon via surgery. Removal of a part of the colon is called colectomy. In case the cancer has spread around the muscles as well, then a larger part of the colon with has to be removed along with the infected muscles. There are a number of surgical procedures in which left half, right half, upper portion and lower portion of the colon can be removed.

There are mainly two methods in colectomy. One is open colectomy in which the surgeon removes the colon through incision made in the abdomen. The other method is aparoscopic Colectomy in which the doctor inserts cameras through numerous small incisions in the stomach. Both methods are considered to be effective in treating bowel cancer.


Radiotherapy can be done before rectal surgery to show the spread of cancer at different time intervals over a longer period of time. It can be external or internal. In external radiotherapy, the areas of the infected abdomen are subjected to high energy waves for a period of 10-15 times.

Five Best Treatments For Bowel Cancer


This is done for 5 days with a rest at the weekends. Depending on the size of the tumor, it can take 5 weeks or even more than that. In internal radiotherapy, a tube is inserted from the anus containing the high energy waves and placed next to the tumor.

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It can be used in 3 ways. The first is before surgery for bowel cancer which is usually coupled with radiotherapy. The second way to apply chemotherapy is after the surgery of the disease which reduces the chances of re-occurrence of the disease. The third way is to apply chemotherapy at the advanced stage of bowel cancer for curtailing the spread of the disease.

Chemotherapy is given in oral form as tablets or through IV drips or a combination of both. Usually one session lasts for 6 months. In most of the cases, oral medication is preferred by the doctors.

Biological Treatments

This is a new technique where monoclonal antibodies are made. These are laboratory made and are called cetuximab, bevacizumab and panitumumab. These can only be given if the patient meets the standards set by the government as the technique strictly follows the prescriptions.


As per a study conducted in 2012, regular usage of aspirin use had improved survival rates of people suffering from bowel cancer to a large extent.

Thus, the above methods help the patient to overcome bowel cancer, or to lead a better quality of life when the cancer is in advanced stages.

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