5 Essential Steps To Decrease Your Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is the pressure exerted on the arterial walls. The high blood pressure is a lifestyle disease that is creeping up with current lifestyle.

A fast food oriented sedentary lifestyle, is often the cause for the increase of this menace. A well balanced healthy meal, focused on lowering blood pressure together with adequate exercise is the key to solving this problem of high blood pressure.

Here are five interesting tips on how to decrease your blood pressure.

Tips to Decrease Your Blood Pressure

Loose Weight

It is a major part of managing your blood pressure. Blood pressure is a condition that can be cured completely with adequate lifestyle measures. So lose weight if your are obese. Maintain a healthy weight. For this you will have to discard all your unhealthy eating habits and your sedentary lifestyle.

Loose Weight

Go for a low fat diet with lots of whole grains, fruits and veggies. Get involved in some exercise. Walking is one way. Get a friend to walk with you or hire your own personal trainer.

Restrict Your Salt Intake

Restricting your salt intake is another essential step. Researches have proven that salt intake is linked with hypertension. Restrict the amount of salt you add to your cooking. While buying packaged food check out the labels. Make sure you buy the low salt options.


Fast food like burger and fries are loaded with fat and salt, so are commercially available soups and stocks. Cooking these at home from scratch will certainly allow you to control the amount of salt in your food.

Well Balanced Diet

Ensure that you eat a well balanced diet. This would mean that your calories should come from whole grains and pulses, vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, fats from nuts and healthy oils. You need to eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables. Food stuff high in magnesium is also helpful in controlling blood pressure.

Well Balanced Diet

These would include whole grains, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, dark chocolate etc. Avoid food items rich in saturated and trans fats. Avoid sodium rich food items. Quit smoking. Drink alcohol only in moderation. Adopt healthy practices of cooking like boiling, steaming, baking, grilling etc.

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Exercise is an absolute must for decreasing your blood pressure. Exercise helps you to shed unwanted fats and calories and prevent your arteries from clogging up. Exercise helps you to loose the excess weight and manage your moderate weight. Exercise helps to relax yourself. Walking is the best mode of exercise. Walk for 30 minutes a day at least 5 to 6 times a week.


Get a friend to walk with you, that way one can motivate the other. Aerobic exercises are another healthy choice. Aerobic exercises are good for your heart. Walking is an aerobic exercise, the others would be skipping, swimming etc. You can enroll yourself in an exercise program.

Relax From Stress And Worries

Stress and worries are another for your heart and blood vessels. They can cause your blood pressure to soar up.

Relax From Stress And Worries

Do not let the pressures of everyday life wear you out. Deal with them. Get the help of a counselor. Engage in relaxation techniques. Get involved in some group activities.