Five Major Causes Of Ovarian Cancer A collection of fluids in the ovary usually surrounded by a thin wall is called ovarian cyst. These can vary in size, they can be as small as a pea and as big as to make a woman look pregnant. The ovarian cyst mostly occurs in the reproductive period of a woman, i.e., the child bearing age. These are mostly harmless but some cases can be malignant also.

Types of Ovarian Cancer

There are mainly two types of ovarian cancer. One is caused due to functional cysts that are benign and the other is caused due to pathological cysts that are both benign and malignant. The ovarian cysts mostly go unnoticed until a woman goes through some tests and/or incidentally finds them or is striving to get pregnant. There are many tests available to determine their shape, size, and type.

Here are Some of the Major Causes of Ovarian Cancer


The first and foremost cause is the history of ovarian cyst in your family that increases your chances of having an ovarian cyst also. So, it becomes important for a woman, who has a family history of any type of a cyst, to undergo routine checkup because, as it is, the cysts sometimes do not present with any subjective symptoms for the woman to identify herself if she has a cyst or not.

Early Menstruation

Five Major Causes Of Ovarian Cancer

If a woman has had early menstruation, i.e., before the age of 11, she is more likely to have ovarian cysts because there is fluctuation of hormones and that causes the cyst to develop.


Smoking is a potential cause for any type of tumor in the body and here also it is a main culprit in producing an ovarian cyst. Smoking cessation is highly recommended in patients with ovarian cyst but if you have family history of tumors, you should avoid smoking in the first place as it is always said that prevention is better than cure.

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Upper Body Fat
Five Major Causes Of Ovarian Cancer

The body shape of a woman also plays an important role in determining whether she could potentially have a cyst. If a woman has increased upper body fat, it makes her more prone to develop a cyst because this causes fat to develop in the ovaries and swells them up making a tumor.

Infertility Treatments

There are a few infertility treatments which have shown to trigger an ovarian cyst, one of them is gonadotropin medications. However, birth control pills have shown to be effective in reducing the probability of a woman developing an ovarian cyst. Most gynecologists put patients on oral contraceptive pills for the treatment of cysts also.

Apart from this, hyperthyroidism can also lead to the formation of ovarian cysts or cause ovarian cancer in a woman. So, if you have a family member who has had a tumor or if you are a little on the fatter side or if you smoke and if you are having difficulties sustaining a pregnancy, there are chances that you may develop an ovarian cyst and you should always go for routine checkups with your gynecologist. However, you need not worry if you are diagnosed with a cyst because most of the cysts are benign or harmless and can be easily treated with proper diagnosis. So, avoid smoking, exercise, and opt for routine medical checkup and stay safe and healthy.

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