Five Major Causes Of Pregnancy Loss

For a woman, pregnancy loss is one of the most distressing experiences that can happen to her. Expectant mothers often experience a sense of failure and sadness when they lose their unborn baby. Early miscarriage is very common and many obstetricians regard this as a normal phase of reproduction.

In fact, almost two out of ten pregnancies may result in pregnancy loss. Most women conceive and enjoy a healthy pregnancy after having one miscarriage.

Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss

A pregnant woman who leads an active, organic and healthy life may have to experience the sad situation of pregnancy loss. A miscarriage is the pregnancy loss that happens before twenty weeks of gestation. Sometimes pregnancy loss happens even before the mother knows that she is on family way.

Miscarriages can be accidental or natural. An expectant mother should take enough care to minimise the risk of pregnancy loss. Some of the primary things which should be focused during pregnancy are eating a balanced and healthy diet, avoiding stress and getting sufficient sleep.

Major Causes of Pregnancy Loss

Plenty of research has been done to find out why pregnancy loss occurs. Five main reasons that lead to pregnancy loss are:


Around 50% of early pregnancy loss is because of genetics or chromosomal errors. The baby inside the womb fails to grow properly for many unknown reasons. Eventually it may lead to pregnancy loss. Here, the foetus may not be strong enough to continue with the development process.

Women above face higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities. In most of the miscarriages, chromosomal errors are a random incident and are not likely to happen in their following pregnancies. Even though the main reason for the majority of pregnancy loss is chromosomal abnormalities, they are not generally caused by any hereditary trait from the father or mother.

Hormonal Imbalance

It is true that women who conceive with difficulty are more likely to suffer from pregnancy loss. Hormonal imbalance is one of the main reasons for the problem with conception which also links it to several other reproductive organ diseases and disorders.

Five Major Causes Of Pregnancy Loss

Hormonal issues like thyroid diseases, polycystic hormone syndrome and cushing syndrome are also related to miscarriage. Besides, malfunctioning of corpus luteum which results in insufficient production of progesterone can also lead to early pregnancy loss.

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 Anatomical Cause

If your cervix is weak, it may cause miscarriage as chances of getting the womb heavier in advance stages of pregnancy become higher. Cysts may also cause pregnancy loss by changing the shape of the womb. A surgical procedure called cerclage around the cervix keeps it from premature dilating. Here are the two major anatomical reasons which can cause loss of pregnancy in even the advanced stages.

Immune System

Issue with blood supply to the placenta may keep the foetus starving which makes it weak to survive or develop.

Illness or Infection

Some viruses such as Rubella, infections, high temperature or some conditions like diabetes may also result in miscarriages. Pregnancy loss cannot be always avoided because there may be several pre-determining features with each pregnancy. However, you can certainly reduce the risk of pregnancy loss with enough prenatal care and by following a healthy lifestyle. Early pregnancy loss is not an uncommon process and you will certainly get enough chances for a healthy and successful pregnancy after its occurrence.