Five Major Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer

Five Major Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer

Five Major Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer Bladder cancer is a disease in which the cells multiply abnormally in the gland. It is caused due to the epithelial lining of the gland. The bladder stores urine and is present in pelvis region. There are around 383,000 different kinds of cancer present in the world and bladder cancer is one of those.

Smoking and anything related with tobacco that goes directly into the body may cause bladder cancer. This risk is seen the highest among men and a bit less in women. Blacksmith, rubber workers, mechanics and many other people who work in this kind of field usually run heavy risk of suffering from bladder cancer. Here is a brief description about the five major symptoms of bladder cancer:

Signs & Symptoms of Bladder Cancer


Bleeding is one of the most common symptoms of bladder cancer. At times, the blood is seen with naked eyes and in other cases you need to get it tested by the laboratory to get it confirmed. Sometimes, you might even confuse this with blood of any other symptoms. Hence, you need to be careful enough if you notice any such condition and get yourself checked for any such kind of disease.

Pain while Passing Urine

There may be a lot of pain and burning sensation while passing urine at times. Many a times people confuse this with the pain that occurs during urinary infection and tend to ignore it. Sometimes, the pain might stop and then you think that you are cured of the disease. However, you should always make sure about the reason of the pain and get it diagnosed by a doctor. For this, many a times, x ray of some specific parts is taken by the doctors to diagnose the reason of the pain in a proper manner.

Frequent Passing of Urine

You might feel like passing urine every time, but able to pass very less when you go to urinate. The urinary bladder always seems to be full.

Five Major Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer

You might feel that you are unable to control and hold urine in the bladder. These are very common signs of bladder cancer and hence, you need to get yourself tested for the same.

Prostate Infections and Cystitis

These conditions may not be primarily responsible for bladder cancer, but can cause bladder cancer in the long run. As these symptoms are very difficult to identify hence, extra care should be taken when you get yourself checked.

Other Symptoms

Sometimes, people might face various other symptoms such as pain in the bones, phlegm containing blood, gland where tumour is grown etc. These symptoms are very difficult to identify and most of the time, it is not known until the last stage is reached. At the last stage, it becomes very difficult to cure the disease.

It is always better to be aware of the symptoms that cause bladder cancer so that you pay immediate medical attention if you notice any. It is always safe to get a regular check up done once in every three months so that you will be notified early in case of any danger of this disease.

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