Five Major Symptoms Of Breast Soreness

Five Major Symptoms Of Breast Soreness Breast Soreness is also known as mastalgia which is commonly suffered by women at least once in their lifetime. It can happen to women of any age group. The soreness can happen due to hormonal change such as menstruation, increased stress level and sometimes also because of not wearing a proper bra. Taking excessive caffeine can also lead to soreness in breasts. Following are the main symptoms with the help of which you can detect breast soreness:

Symptoms of Breast Soreness

Breast Pain

You experience pain in the areas close to the breast or just under the breast. This type of pain can also occur right at the point of your menstrual cycle. It usually happens 1-2 days before the start of periods and ends when your period ends. Some women even experience severe breast pain which may occur for more than five times a month. This type of pain either remains constant or happens occasionally. So, if any of you experience such pain in the breast, then you should immediately consult your doctor.

Breast Swelling

Breast swelling mainly occurs due to water retention which is suffered by women during the period of menstruation. Intake of large amount of caffeine can also form lumps in your breasts. So, one should limit the intake of caffeine in any form. If you experience swelling or lumpiness in your breasts due to puberty, pregnancy or menopause, you should always consult your doctor as it can lead to soreness in your breasts.


Fever is also one of the symptoms of breast soreness. If you experience high fever with some kind of pain in your breasts or near to your breast, then it is an alarming sign of breast soreness. When fever lasts for more than 48 hours without any relief from the breast pain, then you should immediately seek medical help.

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Nipple Discharge

Discharge of fluid from a woman’s breasts when she is not breastfeeding is also a major symptom of breast soreness. The discharge can be yellow, white or green in color.

Five Major Symptoms Of Breast Soreness


If the discharge is bloody, then it can be very dangerous for the health of the suffering women. Discharge happens mainly when the nipples are pressed or squeezed. This condition can be treated on consulting a doctor and the doctor can find out whether the discharge is normal or dangerous.

Breast Deformity

If you see any changes in the normal shape and texture of your breasts, it is known as breast deformity. The deformity can be due to breast metastases, fibro sarcoma of breast or intraductal carcinoma of breast. Any kind of deformity in breasts can be a symptom for breast soreness. This condition should immediately be treated with the help of a doctor. Such cases are mostly treated with the help of surgical operations.

It is always advised to consult a doctor if you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms and get the treatment done for it. If you don’t act upon the symptoms quickly, it can take the shape of severe disease at later stage which will be difficult to cure.

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