4 Foods That May Cause Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Can certain kind of foods actually cause breast cancer or increase the likelihood of developing the killer disease? Although a number of studies have been undertaken to understand the possible link between some food items and breast cancer, no evidences have come to light as yet to suggest the same.

Some studies that have been conducted in the recent years delve into the association of certain kind of foods with breast cancer but no food has been found to be directly responsible for causing breast cancer. The basic mantra it seems is to follow a healthy lifestyle along with a balanced diet which would ward off the killer disease.

However, here is a list of foods that you should consume moderately in order to stay healthy and keep breast cancer at bay. Although there is no scientific evidence to suggest that these increase the chances of developing cancer, moderate consumption of the following would at least surely help you to lead a much more healthy life.

Foods That May Cause Breast Cancer

Caffeine Beverages

Despite no scientific research indicating that caffeine beverages enhance the chances of developing breast cancer, some health experts feel that they might indeed be linked to the ailment.


According to few studies, caffeine heightens the likelihood of developing benign or non-cancerous tumours in the breast which are also called fibrocystic cells.


Over consumption of certain kinds of meat such as red meat is often said to increase the risk of developing breast cancer. The Cancer Research UK has suggested that these meats along with the manner in which they are cooked can actually accentuate the chances of developing the killer disease.


While refraining from eating red meat could indeed be a healthier choice, you could easily opt for a plate of chicken or fish dish which are considered to be a better option. Meanwhile, consuming large amounts of processed meats and bacon also contributes to the risk of developing all forms of cancer especially breast cancer.

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Fat Rich Food

The Cancer Research UK has reiterated that by avoiding food items rich in fats especially saturated fats you could be decreasing your chances of developing breast cancer.

Fat Rich Food

Although the breast cancer risk posed by high consumption of fat rich foods is said to be small, it also leads to obesity, a number of cardiovascular ailments as well as metabolic disorders.

Soy Foods

If you are among those who believe that vegetarians are at a lesser risk of developing cancer, then here is a reality check for you. Although foods derived from soyabeans are considered to be an extremely healthy option, many health experts believe that soy foods can accentuate your chances of developing the killer disease.

Soy Foods

According to the American Cancer Society, eating considerable amount of soy foods over a period of time would alleviate your risk of developing breast cancer. Meanwhile, some health experts reiterate that women who already have breast cancer should refrain from having soy in their diet as it might change the condition from bad to worst. Soy contain estrogen-producing phytochemicals which are linked to breast cancer.