Frigidity: Know What Causes A Slumping Sex Drive

Also called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), Frigidity is a derogatory, chauvinist term used to define low libido or sex drive in women.

Frigidness is a common problem amongst women and it can lead to several other problems including stress on relationship. It is a shocking fact but approximately 20% of all American women are going to experience frigidness at some point in their lives.

Understanding the causes behind frigidness can help women overcome this condition and reinforce their relationship by bringing in some sexual pleasure. Frigidity can also be referred to as Female Sexual Dysfunction.

Diagnosing Frigidity

Lack of sexual drive in women can be a result of greater issues that must be discussed or addressed. In most of the cases, a woman’s subconscious mind is psychologically embedded because of which she starts avoiding or refusing sexual intimacy and experience low libido. A number of other cases have also been seen where a women does not get aroused and sex causes discomfort or considerable pain. Whether the root cause behind frigidity is physical or emotional, it can have an adverse affect on even the best relationships.

In case, you feel difficulty in getting aroused or sex causes pain or discomfort to you, it’s very important that your address the concern to your partner as well as a psychologist and seek couple or personal counseling. Help from a gynecologist can also be sought if you experience lack of sexual desire.

Causes Of Frigidity

Sexuality involves hundreds of behavior and emotions ranging from romance and feelings of sensuality and desire, to feelings of security and closeness. Therefore, causes of frigidity can range from emotional and lifestyle to physical and medical.

Emotional Causes Of Frigidity

Emotional causes of frigidity include dramatic sexual experience in past such as incest, rape or sexual assault; emotional distance from sexual partner, communication problems, unresolved emotional issues, argument, personal taboos or feeling repulsed by sex. At times, some women also feel guilt, shame, anxiety, depression or boredom while making love. Fear of STDs or pregnancy can also lead to low sexual drive. At times, situational factors such as mother-in law in adjacent room or intoxicated partner may also interfere. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem also leads to frigidity.

Physical Causes Of Frigidity

There are a number of physical factors that can cause frigidity. Some of such factors include poor male sexual performance, vaginal dryness, discomfort or pain during intercourse, inadequate foreplay, insomnia, fatigue or exhaustion, damages to nerves due to trauma or surgery, hormonal imbalance, substance abuse and gynecological problems.

Medical Causes Of Frigidity

Medication: A number of prescription drugs such as antidepressants, anti-hypertensives, and birth control pill interfere with arousal, sex drive and orgasm because of their effects on transmission of chemical messengers and sexual hormones.

Menopause: Menopause is one of the main reasons behind low sexual drive or frigidity in women. Menopause is essentially characterized by decrease of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone hormones that leads to decline in libido.

Knowledge about various causes of frigidity can help suffering women get fast and cause-specific treatment. This is why women suffering with low sex drive must strive to find out the reason behind the same.