Get Pregnant By Increasing Cervical Mucus

water retention in pregnancy The complicated process of pregnancy is beyond the comprehension of a normal woman. This is mostly the reason why many women do not enjoy motherhood. Simple things that can be corrected for facilitating a conducive environment for reproduction go unnoticed due to ignorance.

Women who cannot become pregnant are still ostracised from society. Most of them shy away from social circles because they cannot come to terms with the constant references and questionings. While we say that ‘ignorance is bliss’, in many situations, ignorance is the main cause of a lot of heartache and disasters that could have been well avoided.

We are here discussing about pregnancy and how best you can make yourself forthcoming while you plan for a pregnancy and make yourself wonderfully ready for this phase in your life. To become pregnant, there are many factors which have to be put together to form the complete jigsaw puzzle. One of the most important pieces in this puzzle, one which provides an edge to the sperms in swimming into the cervix effectively is the cervical mucus.

Cervical mucus is present in the vagina of all women in varying degrees. It is the texture, quality and clarity of cervical mucus in the vagina during the days that you ovulate that more or less decides your fertility. During days of ovulation, the cervical mucus is transparent and elastic like an egg white and will be more in quantity. It helps the sperms to survive in the vagina and swim to the cervix for fertilisation.

If you are having less cervical mucus in your vagina, here are certain natural ways to increase it.

1. Take Carrot Juice To Increase Cervical Mucus

Carrot juice has been known to increase the fertile cervical mucus which is clear, elastic and very abundant. For improving your chances of pregnancy, take carrot juice every day. This will increase the mucus production in the vagina, thereby facilitating fertilisation.

2. Increase Cervical Mucus With L’arginine

L’arginine which is an amino acid that can be facilitated through diet is known to increase the cervical mucus in a woman’s vagina. L’arginine supplements can be taken with the help of a herbalist or a doctor and food that is rich in this amino acid consumed for best results. Foods that are high in l’arginine are chickpeas, garlic, cashews, green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, walnuts, peanuts etc. These can be included in your diet to increase the cervical mucus and improve the chances of pregnancy.

3. Increase Cervical Mucus With Evening Primrose Oil

Supplements of this herb help in treating low amounts of cervical mucus in women. 2000 mg of evening primrose oil or more can be taken every day based on individual requirements which wary from woman to woman. Taking this supplement helps in increasing the cervical mucus during the crucial days and helping a woman to conceive naturally.

4. Increase Cervical Mucus With Flax Seed Oil

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Flax seeds can set your hormone levels to optimum and also increase the cervical mucus, two factors that are very essential for conceiving naturally. Consume flax seeds, especially after the process of ovulation in order to increase cervical mucus.

5. Increase Cervical Mucus With Grape Fruit Juice

Grape fruit juice too is a great remedy for increasing cervical mucus for the sperms to reach the egg for fertilisation. Take grapefruit juice every day and take more of it before the days of ovulation so that once the ovulation starts, the cervical mucus is adequate for the sperms to remain alive longer and provide greater chance for fertilisation.

6. Drink As Much Water As You Can

Hydration of the body and cervical mucus are well connected. Drinking 3-4 litres of water every day will ensure that you have enough cervical mucus to escort the sperms for fertilisation. Before you plan your pregnancy, start drinking water in adequate quantities, along with other treatment methods. This will ensure that you have adequate cervical mucus to take care of your reproductive needs.

7. Stay Away From Anti Histamine Drugs

More often than not, people who have allergies like cold are prescribed anti histamine medicines that block the action of histamine in the body and prevent these allergies from surfacing. Anti histamine drugs help in decreasing the mucus and relieving blocked and running noses associated with allergies. They are harmful for cervical mucus because they dry up the cervical mucus as well in the process, blocking a woman’s chance to get pregnant. Communicate to your doctor beforehand about your preferences when she prescribes allergy medications.

8. Use Medicines That Produce Cervical Mucous

There are certain medications that can increase cervical mucus as well which can be taken for improving your chances of getting pregnant. These are medications with guaifenesin which are normally prescribed for patients with cough. These medications are good in that they also make the cervical mucus thin and allow the sperms to thrive in the surroundings, making way for pregnancy.

9. Bust Your Bad Habits To Increase Cervical Mucous

When you are planning for pregnancy, there are several bad habits that you have to halt for the health of your baby as well as to improve your chances of becoming pregnant. Certain habits like drinking coffee frequently will have to stop when you are looking at increasing cervical mucus. Coffee and alcoholic and caffeinated beverages cause dehydration in the body and hence must be avoided as it can dry the cervical mucus and affect its texture and quality as well.

Another habit that has to be busted is smoking which is a bad habit anyway. Smoking too causes dehydration in the body. The risk of smoking does not just end there as there are many repercussions other than dehydration like genetic deformities in the foetus, decreased fertility and other problems in the children of smokers. Therefore smoking too must be stopped completely to get healthy cervical mucus.

10. Substitutes For Cervical Mucus

In the absence of cervical mucus or after all the above methods have failed to give results, the use of lubricants can be considered. Lubricants can be chosen after consultation with your doctor. Water based varieties are the best for the life of sperms.