All women wish that they should have beautiful and healthy looking skin as it increases their confidence.

You should know that healthy skin is a result of good health. Having a bad skin is not a problem; it is only the signal given by your body organs that they are not performing their functions properly. By taking proper care of the skin, you can have healthy, beautiful and radiant skin.

Radiant Skin:

There are many misconceptions regarding the definition of the radiant skin. Let me tell you what exactly it means. Radiant skin is nothing but fresh, beautiful and glowing skin that increases the youthfulness in you.

What Is Acne?

The disease caused due the defect in the oil glands of the skin, is acne. Acne is actually a disease that affects the skin’s oil glands. The pores present in the skin are connected to the oil glands that are present beneath the skin. These oil glands produce some oily substance, Sebum. Follicles connect the pores to the oil glands. Now these follicles carry cells of dead skin on the surface of skin. Whenever the skin gland blocks, pimple starts growing.

Generally, acne acts as annoying and dreadful rivals of your glowing and beautiful complexion. But there is nothing to worry. Several options are there to get rid of acne. If you take good care and precautions no one can stop you from having good and younger looking skin.

Causes Of Acne:

Firstly, acne is caused when your body starts eliminating the wastes through the secondary channel i.e. skin, instead of the primary ones. When Kidneys, bowels and liver get blocked up then the elimination process slows down and then skin starts elimination and sends the waste materials on the surface of the skin. Presence of toxic substances in your body can lead to acne. These toxins can be fats and excess of hormones that are not washed away from the liver. If there are lots of toxins in the body, body uses skin as a channel of elimination.

How To Get Rid Of Acne?

Throw Off Beauty Soaps:

At first, throw away your soaps as they increase the dryness of the skin stripping of the natural contents and block the pores. Avoid use of drying cleansers and soaps on your face. This is disastrous as all acne is developed by the clogged pores. Search for soap free or natural cleansers that will help you a lot.

Take Off Make Up:

Make up is a thing that we all love but it is a stuff that can block your skin pores. Try to remove your makeup from the face before going to bed and let your skin breathe.

Consumption Of Vitamins:

What you take inside is the reflection on outside. Include good and healthy food in your diet. Take supplements rich in vitamin C that will increase the enthusiasm and elasticity on your face.

Go For Facials And Masks:

Yogurt is the best option for treatment of acne. Face pack made of yogurt will not only purify your skin but also destroy the bacteria. Go for a facial on regular basis as it will enhance the glow and radiance making your skin looks great. Facials and face packs removes all the dirt on your face restores the natural look of your face. Facials should be done after exfoliation that will provide your skin moisture and natural balance.

Getting a radiant and acne free skin is a difficult task to perform but to maintain it is more difficult. Use only those products that are suitable for your skin which will help you in achieving radiant and fresh looking skin.

Sulfur Treatment:

You can go for sulfur treatment which is a good option over acne. There are many clay masks of sulfur available in the market.

Maintain The Balance Of BHA And AHA:

BHA and AHA should have pH maintained at 3 to 3.5 and 3 to 4 respectively. BHA and AHA, both serves as exfoliate to destroy the germs, blackheads and impurities.

Take A Proper Treatment From Dermatologist:

If the above things are not effective for acne, then get an appointment of a good dermatologist.

Go For Light Technology:

This is the advanced medical treatment that is used to restore the glow of the skin. Now-a-days many beauty parlors and salons are using this light technology to make the skin tone better and to restore the natural and youthful look of your skin.

Remove Dead Skin Cells:

Go for removal of dead cells of skin by exfoliation as it increases the speed of the removal process. Increasing age slows down the removal process. This causes dead cells of our skin to settle down on the outer surface of the skin and remains there for longer time making the skin look tame and dull.

Exfoliation is suggested by the professionals as it helps in rapid renewal of skin cells. You can use different scrubs at least twice in a week that will give you good results. But if you are looking for extra radiant skin, you can visit a beauty parlor or salon which gives you better results and that are worth your efforts.

Home Remedies:

Drinking plenty of water will clean your body and removes out toxic substances from the body. Intake of water can improve your complexion and decreases acne. 8 glasses of water per day is beneficial for your skin.

Prepare cucumber juice and mix it with lettuce and carrot juice. Apply on your face and leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly.

You can also go for tomato juice. They are very helpful in elimination of acne and pimples. Apply the crushed tomatoes or pulp on the acne spots. Keep it for some time and then rinse with warm water.

Mint leaves are also used for removing acne. Prepare the juice of mint leaves and apply on the face and wait for few minutes. After washing you can see the results. Twice in a week, you can apply this mask on your face.

It is very important to note that you must never try to pick out or squeeze out the pimples. Picking them out can cause even more acne!