Guide To Help You Spread AIDS Awareness

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease and is one of the most fatal infections for humans.AIDS develops from Human Immuno Deficiency Virus or simply HIV which attacks the body cells.

Basically, AIDS is the last stage of HIV as this HIV can live for many years in the body before it is noticed or it develops into AIDS. There are many researches going on around the world for finding a cure for it but nothing solid is in the pipe for now.

Therefore, prevention is our only cure for now. If you want to spread awareness about this disease then this guide will show how to do this.

Acquire Knowledge

Before doing your bit in this direction, you should try to learn everything about AIDS, like how it affects human body or what the prevention measures are and so on. If you are looking to spread knowledge then people are going to ask you a lot of questions so be ready with the answers.

Use The Internet

Today, internet is the most powerful communication medium and it will be also helpful in your cause. First, plan the channels that you want to utilize like emails, social networking, website development or advertisements.

After that get your content, for e.g. if you want to spread awareness about AIDS through emails then write a detailed email supported by images to depict the effects and causes of this disease. Additionally, ask help from people to forward these mails.

Today social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are also very effective mediums to spread awareness. Try to make groups and provide updates about this. Alternatively, write blogs and posts for websites.


If you are really dedicated for the cause and you have time to devote then it is best to organize campaigns where people can participate. Print brochures and pamphlets for generating awareness, people also like to donate for such causes if you are really dedicated about your work.

Also many big organisations and businesses want to support such cause but they really don’t have time. You can set meetings with them and who knows you will be a part of very noble cause.

Get Speakers

Your efforts may be genuine but you cannot do everything on your own. So, arrange for some special speakers who can provide better insights about the topic. AIDS awareness is a very serious issue and to get people involved, you really need someone who can attract the audiences.

Moreover, it is not always necessary that these speakers will charge high, many of these even don’t ask for anything. Speakers from charities, churches, youth groups, senior citizens’ centre and libraries will readily agree to help you in the cause.

It is a huge responsibility to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS but if you are determined to do it then nothing can stop you. And certainly you deserve a lot of appreciation for taking up the cause. Good Luck!