Handling Puberty And Its Associated Symptoms In Teens

The teenage years are pretty confusing ones. More so because of the myriad of physical changes that your body undergoes during this period. The issues increase manifold for girls who suffer from the woes of having to understand a lot of things about their body they never knew existed before.

Here are a few tricky teenage issues that you would most probably not want to tell your mom, dad or anyone else for that matter. These tips would help you survive the biggest ordeals of your life as and when they start happening to you.

Puberty And Periods

As and when a girl reaches the age of puberty, she starts getting her monthly periods in addition to noticing several changes in her body, including subtle increases in her breast and hip sizes. If you are coping with the same issue, then there is no need to be bewildered about the entire process at all.

Puberty is a natural thing that occurs to all girls and if you are wondering as to when you would get your first period, then here’s a significant clue to get you readied for the process.

Right about the time a female body reaches puberty, it would start secreting hormones that would cause the breasts to increase in size. In addition to this, the genital area would start developing thick, curly and coarse pubic hair that would be different from the hair that is already present in the area. If you notice these changes in your body, then here is how you can stay prepared for your first period, in the case that it happens while you are at school.

Carry a sanitary napkin in your bag. Wear dark colored underwear to camouflage spotting if any. Carry along some tissue papers to control the bleeding until you can find a restroom to slip on the napkins. If you get cramps, excuse yourself from class and get some rest in the restroom.

Puberty And Body Odor

As and when a girl reaches puberty, she would start noticing a significant change in her body odor. And while her body was practically odorless up to this point (even when sweating), she would start to notice a foul odor emanating from her armpits and vaginal area.

The reason for this sudden change in body odor can again be attributed to hormonal changes in the body. The glands in the armpits become overactive and tend to sweat more profusely and cause bad body odor. Here are a few ways to combat this issue as and when it starts occurring.

Cleanse your body every day. This means bathing regularly in addition to wearing antiperspirants, deodorants or antiperspirant prescriptions. Don’t wear the same clothes for consecutive days at a stretch. Rather, opt for fresh, clean clothing each day. Opt for cotton clothing as they tends to absorb the sweat and keep the body fresh for longer periods.

Puberty And Hair

No we are not talking about the hair that grows on your head. Rather, we are talking about the hair that would start appearing on your face and body as and when you reach puberty. Excess body hair can also cause profuse sweating and body odor in certain cases.

Even though body hair is not that harmful it can become embarrassing if you tend to develop too much of it. Again, excess facial hair above the lips can be quite embarrassing for girls. The best way to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair would be to opt for procedures like waxing, bleaching, depilatories, and shaving (not the face though, just the body) etc. You can also use hair creams to remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas.