Health Care During the Post Menopausal Period: Issues You Need to be Wary of

Post Menopausal Period

Post Menopausal Period Menopause is a critical period in a woman’s life wherein her body is subjected to several physical and psychological changes. In addition to experiencing the frequent discomforts that are standard symptoms which accompany menopause (like hot flushes, fatigue, mood changes, weight gain), the body would become very vulnerable to other health related ailments during this period.

A woman who has reached the stage of menopause would become more prone to being affected by several diseases that are specific to her body as she ages. And so, if you find yourself reaching that stage in your life where you know your entire body (and mind) would start experiencing a rollercoaster journey, here are some specific health issues you need to be wary off.

Health Care During the Post Menopausal Period

The Issue with Fibroids

Post menopause, many women tend to develop lumps in their breasts and fibroids in their uterine tracts. Also termed as tumors, fibroids are tiny cysts that belong to the benign variety of tumors or cysts that are neither considered life threatening nor cause much harm to the body.

These fibroids usually appear in and around the uterus and start to multiply rapidly after menopause. And though they are considered harmless, they can pose a threat in the form of cancer if they start to increase in size.

Some of the symptoms you need to look out for in the case of troublesome fibroids are frequent urination, sharp pains in and around the uterine region and a heaviness that can be experienced around the pelvic region.

Taking Care of Blood Pressure Levels And the Heart

During menopause, the hormonal levels in your body go for a toss. And so, in order to regulate the same, you would be prescribed hormone tablets. These tablets have the side effect of adding weight to your body. In addition to this, your body becomes more reactive to salt.

These factors would naturally cause the blood pressure levels in the body to rise, causing hypertension and in the long run, cardio vascular disorders.

Post menopause, you need to keep a sharp lookout for hypertension and make sure that your blood pressure levels remain normal at all times. Opt for regular checkups with the doctor to spot signs of heart ailments if any, early on.

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Osteoporosis on the Rise

It is a known fact that women are more prone to contracting osteoporosis as they age. The risks increase manifold with menopause. Post menopause, the calcium levels in the body reduce to great extents thereby causing a sharp decrease in the calcium deposits present on the bones.

With menopause, the estrogen levels in the body also fall down. Estrogen is known to regulate the strength of the bones in the body. And so a decrease in the estrogen level will cause a sharp decline in bone health. This could cause the bones to become brittle pretty soon and break easily. As a result, even small fractures would take ages to heal.

It is never too late to start taking calcium supplements. Make sure that you add plenty of foods that are rich in calcium to your daily diet in addition to taking regular calcium supplements. These would sustain the health of your bones and keep you free from osteoporosis in the long run.

Menopause and Cancer

It has been found out through several researches that post menopause; many women seem to get affected by cancer that mainly occurs in the female specific organs. Examples include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterus cancer etc. The reason to this issue has been attributed to the inactivity of these organs after menopause, which would with time lead to the formation of sloth under the skin that could give rise to the formation of cancerous cells in the same.

Undergo regular medical checkups to notice any issues early on. Opt for regular ultra sounds, blood tests and mammograms etc. to stay safe.