Health Care For Women – Avoid These Common Mistakes

Ever wondered why you remain weak and tired in spite of all those diets and exercises you follow?

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. For there are plenty of women out there who remain unhealthy or fall sick repeatedly even if they diet and exercise properly! And while there is nothing to blame in the diets they follow and the exercises they do, there is most definitely a issue with some of the habits they follow on a regular basis.

Here are some of those ‘must avoid’ habits of several women around the world. If you find yourself following any or all of these habits, then it is high time to sit up and take notice of the possible issues you might need to face in the long run due to these unhealthy practices. It would also be the right time to start making the necessary changes to make sure that you remain healthy as you age.

Beauty Vs Health

Of course beauty plays an important part in defining a woman’s personality. But not over the cost of losing one’s health! Some women tend to focus more on their beauty while ignoring their health, a practice that can cause several repercussions.

Not Removing Makeup Before Sleeping:

Some women tend to leave their makeup on their face when they retire for the night. Sleeping with your make up on is one of those mistakes that would cost you a flawless face. Failing to remove your makeup before sleeping will result in the pores in the skin getting clogged up by oil, dirt, and what not. The result would be dull, lifeless skin filled with spots, blemishes and pimples.

Sleeping with your makeup can also cause issues like skin allergies and infections. For example, if you don’t remove your eye makeup (shadow, liner or mascara) before going to sleep, there is a strong chance that you might contract issues like bloodshot eyes, irritation or even infections.

What To Do:

Always make it a point to remove your makeup before you go to sleep at night. Use a soft cotton ball to remove lipstick, eye liner and mascara. Wash your face with cold water and wipe away any remnant makeup thoroughly before retiring for the night.

Too Worried About Appearance:

Of course, all of us tend to fuss over our looks and strive to stay pretty throughout the day. However, recent studies have concluded that women in particular are too obsessed with their body and looks, most of the time feeling inferior about both factors.

Too much of obsessing over appearance can make you feel physically and psychologically inferior to others. And in addition to affecting your mental health, it would also affect your body in the form of eating disorders, anorexia, cosmetic surgeries etc.

Accessories Vs. Health

Sometimes the accessories we tend to carry with us on a daily basis can cause health related issues we may not even be aware of until it is too late.

Heavy Handbags:

Look into a lady’s handbag and most of the things you would find in it are unwanted items and clutter. Of course, not all women are like that. Some women actually keep their handbags clean and clutter free.

However, the other group of women that tends to keep anything and everything in its handbags would most definitely suffer from severe health risks in the future. Too many items in the handbag would tend to weigh it down considerably.

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This in turn would cause undue strain on your shoulders each day. And in the days to come, you would most probably start experiencing neck pain, back problems and poor posture.

What To Do:

Keep only the most essential items you would need on a day to day basis in your handbag. As soon as you reach home at the end of the day, make sure to go through the contents of your handbag and remove any unwanted items you might have put in it that day.

The Danger Of High Heels:

It is almost impossible to see a woman nowadays who doesn’t wear high heels. Major fashion accessories, high heels adorn every closet and are considered essential to complete a trendy wardrobe.

However, what many women fail to realize is that wearing high heels can cause a lot of problems in the body in the days to come. These include conditions like hammer toes, tendon injuries; arthritis, posture issues, and joint and back pain. Not to mention the spate of accidents and unfavorable incidents that follow high heels everywhere the latter go.

What You Can Do:

You don’t need to get rid of high heels forever! You can minimize their use though and restrict them for formal occasions and events. Limit the height of your high heel shoes to 1.5 inches. It is also recommended that you wear insoles to reduce the pressure on the joints.

The Wrong Size Bra:

You may be surprised to know that nearly 60% of women around the world choose the wrong type and size of bra for their body. A wrongly fitted bra can makes your breasts and hence your clothes look awkward.

However, what you need to be more concerned about is the list of health related issues you need to face if you opt for the wrong size (or type) bra. These include breast, back and neck pain, respiratory issues, blood circulation issues, skin irritability and even irritable bowel syndrome.

What You Can Do:

Instead of guessing the size of your breasts, you can get them measured to get the exact size of the bra you would need to buy. Bras also differ based on breast type and you would probably need to talk with a beautician or gynecologist to ascertain the type of breasts that you have.

Alternatively, the salesgirls at the lingerie store might be able to help you out with a couple of bras before you choose the one that fits you best. And by ‘best’, we don’t mean a bra that makes your breast look rigid and firm, but a bra that is comfortable to wear.

Emotions Vs Health

We cannot control our emotions all the time and tend to encounter certain situations in which we tend to go overboard and let our emotions overcome us. While this is not considered harmful, the actions we tend to do during those situations can affect our health considerably. Here are a few instances.

Compromising Factor:

Compromises and women go hand in hand. If you are born as a woman, you need to understand that compromises would become a part of your daily life. This would include instances like compromising your career for your family, compromising your likes and dislikes for your spouse, compromising your sleep for your child etc.

At the end of the day, a woman has spent so much time compromising for others that she doesn’t have enough time to take care of herself and her personal needs. This in due course would lead to several emotional problems like stress, tantrums etc. which can affect your physical health as well.

What You Can Do:

Agreed that your family comes first in your life! However, you need to realize the importance of setting aside some time for yourself. Learn to say a gentle ‘no’ to last minute commitments and requests that might hamper your personal space or time. Keep these ‘me’ moments to yourself and do something enjoyable to remain stress free throughout the day.

Sleep Issues:

With so much to do in a day and no time for rest, women find it hard to enjoy even a couple of hours of shut eye a day. This issue could blow up into something bigger in the future, creating health related risks like high blood pressure, mood swings, heart diseases, emotional breakdowns, increased calorie consumption etc.

What You Can Do:

Make sure to get at least a few hours of continuous sleep a day. Be it in the night or during the day, make sure that your chores are complete and that everyone has what they want. This would enable you to enjoy a blissful nap that would leave you refreshed, radiant and raring to go when you wake up.

Binge Eating:

It has been found in a study that women tend to eat more when they are sad or emotionally disturbed. Also called as comfort eating, this sudden craving for food lets a woman who is depressed, cool down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help the body in any way other than pile on huge amounts of fat in it.

What You Can Do:

Try to distract yourself when you find the sudden urge to eat. If you are feeling emotionally drained out, try to engage in any other activity apart from eating, that would make you feel relaxed. This would include reading, listening to music or even watching a movie.

Stress Management:

Women are more likely to get affected by stress and its related disorders than men, thanks to their 24/7 lifestyles at home and the workplace. Stress can have an adverse affect on both the body and mind; and can even cause anxiety and depression in the long run.

What You Can Do:

Forget the past, and don’t look up to the future. Live in the present and relish what you have with you at the moment. Clinging on to miserable feelings of lost romances, broken relationships, and future hindrances would get you nothing but a headache and a broken heart. Opt for stress management courses/classes to deal with stress.