Health Properties Of Orange Peel

Oranges are considered to be one of the most nutritional fruits with its high content of Vitamin C and a host of other nutrients. Apart from its nutritional value, this citrus fruit is loved by many owing to its delectable juicy taste which makes it a huge hit among people. Although the health benefits of oranges is a known fact, very few are actually aware of the health properties that orange peels possess.

The peel of the oranges are usually discarded as most people have a faint idea about its nutritional value and the pivotal role that it can play in keeping you healthy and fit. If the nutritional benefits of consuming orange peel comes as a revelation to you then read on as here is a list of its multiple health properties.

Reducing Cholesterol

The orange peel has the ability of lowering cholesterol owing to the presence of a specific flavonoid known as hesperidin which also has antioxidant properties. The compound, which is present more in orange peel than in orange pulp, assists in reducing LDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides. At the same time, hesperidin is also involved in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular ailments while acting as an anti-inflammatory compound. Orange peels also contain certain flavonoids which hampers the growth of cancer cells.

Contains Natural Oil

Orange peels are a good source of natural oil which assists the veins and arteries of the body to sustain their elasticity. At the same time, the natural oil present in the orange peel is beneficial for the skin and helps it to remain beautiful, strong and elastic. Before you take a bath, add a small amount of orange peel in the water so that your skin can soak up the natural oil to get that fresh look.

High Source Of Vitamins And Minerals

Consuming orange peel can fulfil many nutritional requirements of the body as it is a rich source of a wide variety of nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, B5 as well as B6. Apart from these, it also contains a plenty of minerals such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, copper and magnesium. In case if you do not like consuming the orange peel just like that, try adding some peels in a glass of water which is an excellent source of Vitamin C and calcium.

Facilitates Weight-Loss

Want to shed those additional calories and get a slimmer waistline? Well, orange peel might just be the perfect solution for you as a tea prepared using it is a perfect remedy to lose weight. Orange peel would help you get rid of the extra weight by boosting your metabolism rate as well as removing the additional fat from the body. Moreover, orange peel also enhances the endurance power and energy of the body.

Acts As A Sunscreen

Looking for a natural remedy which could protect from the harmful rays of the sun and provide you with a much-needed sun protection? Look no further as orange peel also has the property of shielding you from the damaging rays of the sun. Rubbing a little of amount orange peel on the skinwould not only give you sun-protection but it also prevents premature ageing as well as acne.