6 Healthy Diet Tips During Menstruation

6 Healthy Diet Tips During Menstruation

6 Healthy Diet Tips During Menstruation

Menstruation – certainly one of the difficult days for women – its the time of bloating, abdominal aches, cramps and even mood swings. Undoubtedly, this time of the month is not the best in any woman’s life. As the days approach, women feel an increased urge for sweets, snacks and everything which shouldn’t have. Its known that this is the time when women need plenty of junk food, mainly due to changes in hormones which tend to remain at a very low level during the cycle. Its important to take special care of the diet during the time, so that she feels energetic, positive and happy.

Diet Tips During Menstruation:

Have More Of Fiber And Lean Protein

Having more fiber and lots of lean protein will help to stabilize the blood sugar level. This will reduce excess cravings for junk food and sugar.This is extremely important, since cravings for junk and sugary foods are at the peak during this time and this is when women simply gorge fatty foods. If there is a hunger pang, instead of gulping junk women scan have healthy fruits like a pear with a spoonful of almond butter.

Foods Rich In Fiber

Have Plenty Of Iron

Women usually lack iron, especially when menstruating and most women suffer from iron deficiency throughout their fertile age. They lose iron mainly through blood which is eliminated during periods. Thus, to make up for loss, women need to have plenty of iron.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Women need to have foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids which offer many heart benefits. It also offers great menstrual relief. Research reveals that women who had a daily dose of 6gms of fish oil, got at least 1080 mg of EPA and more than 720mg of DHA. This will help in reduction of menstrual pain, cramps and reduces the urge to have junk food.

 Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Choose Snacks Wisely

Bloating is a very common problem during menstruation and this needs to be avoided. During the period, one should drink and eat frequently but snacking should be done smartly. Sugary fluids should be avoided. Carbonated drinks should not taken as they will lead to bloating. Its important to have low salt foods and select fresh vegetables, grains, whole foods and also nuts. Packaged foods which are generally high in sodium content should be avoided.

Whole Grains

Include Low Fat Milk And EGGS

Vitamin D and calcium are highly effective in reducing pre-menopause symptoms. Studies have revealed that diet rich in vitamin D and calcium help in reducing all risks of PMS. Women should have at least four servings of low fat dairy foods like yogurt. Start your day with low calorie smoothie prepared with fresh fruits, which will give you the added nutrition. Include foods rich in vitamin D which include fortified food products, egg yolk and mushrooms.

Milk And EGGS

Eating Strategies

Women need to strategize how they are eating during menstruation. It is recommended to break food intake into basic three meals. Besides this, it is good to have small portions on a regular basis throughout the day. This helps in reducing food cravings so that it helps in dealing with nausea and cramps which happen during period. Women should never fast or go hungry during this period or else they will feel tired and exhausted. Women need to be happy and satiated during this time.

Healthy Eating

Hope these diet changes are going to make a difference in how women feel during the period.