5 Healthy Ways To Have Fibre-Rich Foods Everyday

5 Healthy Ways To Have Fibre-Rich Foods Everyday

5 Healthy Ways To Have Fibre-Rich Foods Everyday

Natural fibres in forms of pulses, grains, seeds, etc. are highly recommended for women in their everyday diet. The reason being is that wholegrain are high on fibre, help in digestion, ease stomach problems and provide nutritive benefits too. More than everything else, they are also low on calories and help you get the much needed filled tummy, which is often a problem with rice that is high on starch and easily digested.

With natural fibre based foods, you are worried less about feeling hungry too soon. But incorporating these in your everyday diet may seem as a daunting task, but that is not really true. Women in fact, need this share of iron that such fibrous foods provide.

Here Are 5 Diet Tips To Include Fibres-


This is one of the easiest ways to consume fibres in your diet. All that you have to do is ensure that your carb supplier is high on these grains rather than white flour or maida. Breads of different kinds are staple in almost all homes. Be in the form of roti, naan or even regular breads. So make sure that you opt for wholegrain versions. If you are having pizza, stick to the whole wheat bread rather than going for regular white flour one.


Wholegrain Pasta/ Noodles

There are various versions of pasta available in the market. Since this is one of the most staple foods in the diet of kids today, you can opt for healthier versions. So when making Japanese food, think of sobo noodles rather than regular ones that are made from wheat. Instant noodles are available in varieties like oats that provide fibre without worrying about calories. Even the pasta is now available in wheat and wholegrain versions that balances the nutritive value of these foods.

Wholegrain Pasta

Cereal/ Bars

A big and hearty bowl of cereal is one of the best ways to start off the day. And if you are having something made with multigrain or wholegrain, then you are sorted. These cereals should be picked in natural forms without any harmful preservatives. The fortified iron fibres especially are good for you. Add some fruits to the same for health benefits. Wholegrain cereals can be eaten on their own as snacks too. Take a wholegrain bar to work and much when you are hungry. Pick something that has low sugar to get better health benefits.


In Stews And Casseroles

Natural in fresh forms like pulses, seeds and nuts can be added to different kinds of stews, casseroles and even served with vegetables. Take for instead kidney beans and corn that are served in casserole and stewed Mexican food dishes. The Indian daal or pulses makes use of fibres too. Apart from this, you can also opt for adding a bit of fibres on the side of your meat dishes or use them in salads too. You can also have them simply boiled with some lemon juice and salt.



And one of the easiest and yet healthiest ways of consuming whole grains would be soups. All that you need to do is pressure cook these grains with a choice of vegetables that can range from spinach to broccoli. You can also add some pieces of meat or chicken here to add some flavour. Throw in some garlic, onions or herbs for added taste. Once done blend the ingredients together or whist them so that you get complete nutrition in a bowl. Serve this hot for best results and don’t worry about your family not getting enough iron through these grains.

Drink Warm Soups