Herbal Infusion Recipe To Cleanse Lymphatic System

Herbal Infusion Recipe To Cleanse Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is an essential part of the immune system. It is a part of circulatory system. The lymphatic system which is a network of organs and tissues plays major role in removing the toxins, unwanted material and waste from the body. The main role of Lymphatic system is to transport fluid called lymph throughout the body. Lymph contains white blood cells known as lymphocytes to fight against infections and diseases. Lymphocytes attack harmful cells and bacteria and breaks down them.
Lymph cleansing is essential for a fit and healthy body. Here we are sharing with you an excellent herbal infusion recipe for cleansing lymph.


Calendula, cleavers and mullein are the major ingredients of this recipe. Before going through the recipe, let us discuss the importance of these herbs briefly.


Calendula is loaded with healing and therapeutic properties. It plays a major role in clearing lymphatic glands. It is also highly helpful in reducing the inflammations on skin. It works great in healing the wounds.

Calendula and Wheat Germ

Cleavers are highly effective in stimulating lymphatic system’s activity. Lymphatic congestion can be relieved with the help of this herb. Cleavers are very beneficial in healing swollen glands of lymph. It is also very effective in cleansing and nourishing the blood.


Mullein is an effective remedy to treat lymph congestion. The flowers and leaves of mullein are highly effective in activating circulation of lymph. These are highly useful to heal swollen glands. These are of much help especially when nodes of lymph in the neck, groin, and throat are congested and swollen.

Mullein Flower
Recipe Of Herbal Infusion For Cleansing Lymph

Place cleavers of 2 parts and calendula of 2 parts and one part of mullein in to saucepan. Pour cold water. Cover the lid. Allow it to heat slowly for about twenty to thirty minutes. The longer the herbs you simmer, the tea would be much stronger. Drink two to three cups daily for at least three weeks for getting desired results.

Herbal Tea Of Strawberry Leaf

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