8 Highly Effective Natural Cure For Ulcer


To treat the symptoms caused by ulcer you have to find a very strong and effective cure as it has the potential to spread in a big way causing unwanted reactions. Ulcers can develop in the mouth, tongue or stomach and can be very painful and can lead to unfavorable complications.

To eradicate it, it is essential you follow natural cure for ulcer as it is highly efficient and proven. Also it eliminates the incidence of any side effects.

Best Natural Cure For Ulcer

Drink Licorice In The Form Of Tea Or Juices

Licorice is an effective anti inflammatory agent which helps to soothe any inflammation caused by the ulcer.

Licorice Tea

You can either brew it as a tea using the roots of licorice or just suck the licorice juice directly from the sticks.

Apply Tinctures Made From Licorice

Tinctures Made From Licorice

You can also apply tinctures made from licorice on affected areas. This helps in preventing the acid production in the stomach and also  the stomach wall from further inflammation.

Manuka Honey

Studies reveal that the leaves, bark, pollen and flower of Manuka honey plant helps in repairing the development of ulcer caused by the bacterium.

Manuka Honey

Create an infusion of the flowers and leaves using this plant or prepare a tea with the roots. You can also add thyme to it for antibacterial properties.

Yoga & Exercises

Perform exercises, such as bicep curls, strength training, shoulder press, leg press, pushups, triceps extensions, pull ups and cardio. Performing and practicing yoga daily are very effective as it helps you get relief from pain and ensure that your body is not strained in the process.


Try to practice the art of breathing, such as Pranayama, Savasana, balasana, Pavan muktasana, bhujangasana and shalabasana as these are beneficial and relieve you from the ulcer and its symptoms. Make sure you choose a good environment for your workouts or yoga practice.

Eating A Banana Helps In Curbing The Irritation

If you are suffering from peptic ulcers, you can try eating a banana as it helps you reduce gastric juices.

Eating A Banana

It also helps you get rid of the irritation which is usually occurs in the lining of the stomach. Try to eat two bananas a day along with a glass of milk for thrice a day.

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Raw Juices Of Cabbage

This is another effective natural cure for ulcer. Consume the raw juice of the cabbage or try boiling 250 grams of cabbage in 500 ml of water and boil it until half the quantity gets reduced.

Raw Juices Of Cabbage

After cooling, strain the water and consume twice a day. Add some potential raw vegetable juices, such as carrot juice, cucumber, spinach and beet-root to have extra benefits.

Almond Milk

Curing ulcer with almond milk is highly popular as the medicinal qualities of this milk are proven. Blanch almonds for some time in hot water and make a fine paste of them.

Almond Milk

This milk helps you bind the excess production of acid in the stomach.

Consume Raw Goat Milk

Raw Goat Milk

You can consume goat milk thrice a day as it has the quality to heal peptic ulcers and creates a good response to the treatment of ulcer. Make sure you consume goat’s milk in raw form.