Holistic Treatments For Breast Cancer

Today’s world has progressed a lot, right from technologies to treatments of various diseases have evolved with time. Even the diseases associated with painful treatments have improvised a lot. But still a lot of ignorant people are not aware of the various alternatives, which help in reducing pain and are more effective.

Breast Cancer is one of the diseases which are associated with a horrifying and painful chemotherapy and other strong radiation treatments. However, today we will find out the different treatments that have come up which help in overcoming the painful part of the treatment.

Alternatives To Reduce The Pain Of Breast Cancer Treatment

Make the patient visualize destroying cancer cells and developing strong immune cells in the body, this helps a lot in building strong immunity. In fact studies have shown that women who think positive overcome breast cancer quicker and with more ease. In fact if the patient believes that she can overcome this disease she ends up doing that.

Make the patient imagine that she is in a beautiful place close to nature which is emotionally and mentally stimulating for the patient. Then, a strong powerful and healing ray is running through their ailing part and is killing the cancer cells and healing the body cells, making them strong.

Acupuncture is also a therapy that helps in reducing the pain experienced during chemotherapy cycles. In this therapy steel needle like small rods are pierced into the body, on the acu-points. This piercing supposedly helps in releasing natural pain killers from the body there by reducing the pain. This also helps in boosting the immune cells. When these immune cells get boosted, the problems of fatigue and nausea etc are overcome.

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Massage is also considered as a healing therapy in case of breast cancer and many other cancer treatments. Massage is known to accelerate the body’s natural production of painkillers. It is seen that patient who is undergoing massage regularly with the right therapy is easily able to overcome the harmful effects of chemotherapy. In spite of these facts, one must wait for four to six weeks and consult the doctor before going for this therapy. Also, intense massage should not be done as the part which has undergone surgery is very fragile and can catch inflammation with a strong or slight rub.

Consuming turmeric is also known to support the side effects of chemo and radiation cycles. A phytochemical known as curcumin is found in turmeric which interferes with the growth of breast cancer cells. A particular amount of consumption of  Vitamin D is known to help the breast cancer treatment as it initiates a process by which cells die as part of natural cycle. This is a big help in cancer as the cells divide at a very high speed and develop what is called a tumor.

The amount required to be consumed should be around 1000 IU, though this consumption has to be taken under the supervision of an expert. A particular type of mushroom is known to be beneficial in giving relief from the side effects of chemo drugs. This mushroom is known as maitake mushrooms and is used for its medicinal values.