Home Laser Treatment For Acne

home laser acne treatment

home laser acne treatment Acne is a commonly occurring problem in teenagers. There are various treatments for acne cure. You can choose from several Aurveda or herbal home remedies or even laser treatment to cure acne.

Laser treatment can ascertain the effective and faster results as compared to other treatments to get rid of acne. But, laser therapy can be little costly. You can give a try to home laser treatment for acne if you find it affordable. Inspite of its worthiness, this treatment may not give you 100 percent result.

Keeping over-expectations may lead to disappointment. Basically the one having moderate or mild acne marks can get the efficient results with home laser acne treatment. The people having severely infected skin should better go to a doctor to cure the problem.

Home Laser Treatment For Acne:

Laser treatment for acne can be successfully executed at home. It is simple to carry out. You need to follow the given instructions properly to avoid any adverse reactions on skin.

Laser kits are available to treat acne at home. These kits are gentle and safe. The technology used in this treatment is similar as that of doctors and professionals. While purchasing this kit, get one which is approved by FDA.

In this therapy, basically the low level heat and the pulsed light are used to destroy the pimples. The oil secreting glands shrink due to light and heat and oil production on skin is reduced.

As the therapy used is mild, it does not produce any severe side effects on your skin. However, sometimes temporary irritation or redness can be observed on the treated area. The therapy may take few days or weeks to show the required results.
The devices used in this treatment are purposefully designed.

Some are used to deal with bigger areas, like whole face and some are used for spot treatment. You can hold the smaller spot treatment devices in your hands and directly make them work. A bigger device can be kept on a table or any larger surface. The laser treatment given by doctor takes around 15-20 minutes whereas home treatment can take 40-45 minutes.

The results of laser acne treatment vary from person to person. Normally, it can minimize the acne on skin by approximately 60-65 percent. The chronic acne scars may not be treated effectively using this method.

Which Lights Are Used?

In light or laser acne therapy, you can use red light, blue light or a combination of two. A blue light therapy is widely used; however a combination therapy acts more beneficial in reducing pimples. Red light reduces skin inflammation and assists in healing the problem of acne.

Essentials To Be Kept In Mind While Using Home Laser Treatment For Acne:

This treatment is not good for all skin types. Before beginning this treatment for your skin, consult a dermatologist and decide whether to use it or not.

Laser treatment is recommended not to be used for pregnant women and those taking steroid injections. Make sure not to practice these laser devices on open infections or wounds. While treating acne on face, do not forget to wear goggles to protect your eyes from light rays.

If you are willing to have home laser treatment to cure acne, the above given information will be helpful for you.

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