10 Home Remedies For Candida

Home Remedies For Candida

Candida is a yeast overgrowth. Most of the species are harmless however excess growth of some can cause skin and genital infection. Human body is where Candida normally resides without causing any harm, but ones there is a spurt of overgrowth in this yeast, then it begins to cause infection.

Major symptoms of Candida are inflammation and pain on the skin. There can be a rash which is red in appearance and itchy. There could be presence of pus like substance present in the rashes. It usually inflicts skin around mouth and genital region. It is the most common cause of vaginal infection.

Candida can also inflict infants in form of diaper rash. Candida is not communicable. It is the excess growth of yeast that leads to infection. The reason for this overgrowth could be tropical climate leading to heavy sweating, diabetes, AIDS or certain kind of medication comprising of antibiotics.

Effective Home Remedies For Candida

1. Yoghurt And Buttermilk

When we consume anti-biotic, it kills all kind of bacteria in our body including good ones. These bacteria keep the growth of yeast and fungus in check. When the bacteria die fungus and yeast grows rapidly. Therefore, it is required to introduce good bacteria back into our system. Yoghurt contains live lactobacillus bacteria.

And this helps in restoring bacteria which fights the yeast and fungus effectively. Refrain from adding salt, sugar and other condiments to yoghurt as these can kill the bacteria present in the yoghurt. Apart from consuming it orally, you can apply it directly on the affected areas. Leave for at least an hour and wash away. This will not only heal but also sooth the rashes.


2. Garlic

Garlic is an anti-fungal agent and therefore harmful for yeast and fungus overgrowth which makes it a very ideal ingredient to fight off Candida. Raw garlic is particularly well suited for warding off Candida since cooked garlic loses a lot of its acid and goodness. Take 3-4 cloves of garlic and mash them with some water.

Take this water which is full of garlic juices and apply over the infected area. If the odour of garlic is too much for you to handle or if you need to be outdoors then application of garlic juice is not feasible. Alternatively, you can consume 2 cloves of garlic with a glass of warm water. Do it 2-3 times in a day. Also, add garlic to your food preparations, though not as effective as in raw form, this will still help you.


3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can also be used in multiple ways against Candida. Where Candida affects the skin in and around mouth, add a 2 spoonful of tea tree oil in half a glass of water and gargle. You can also take cotton and immerse it in tea tree oil and apply directly on the area with infection. This can be applied on your genital areas also. Dip the tip of a tampon in the diluted oil and insert in the vagina where infection is in the vaginal tract.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut has lauric and Caprylic acid. Therefore, it is very helpful against Candida as this acid makes it anti-fungal and ant-microbial. It is very light and cooling oil. You can apply it directly on your skin. If there is infection inside your mouth, then take a spoonful of coconut oil and swirl it around your mouth and spit it out. Many people even take a spoonful of and consume it 3-4 times in a day. This is also known to help with Candida.

Coconut Oil

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5. Vinegar/Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar especially Apple Cider Vinegar is a miraculous remedy for Candida. The natural enzymes in Apple Cider Vinegar make it anti-fungal. Add 2 teaspoon of vinegar in the glass of water and consume. You can also use this solution of vinegar externally by applying directly. It will relieve you of itching. External use of vinegar is recommended for regular use instead of consumption as vinegar can harm the teeth enamel if taken every day.

6. Salt Water

Add two teaspoonful of salt water and add it to lukewarm water. Consume this solution. It is believed that this water is flushed out of the system very fast which detoxifies and cleans the entire digestive system including the intestines and anal tract. This remedy works best on empty stomach.

Salt Water

7. Green Tea

Green tea has anti-oxidant properties. It is also anti-fungal in nature. Consume 3-4 cup everyday and this will not only clean your digestive tracts but also relieve you of Candida. Brew the tea in boiling water until it gives out a green hue. Strain and consume. Do not add any sugar as yeast feeds on sugar.

Green Tea

8. Banana

Though bananas are very high on sugar content but still it is recommended in moderation against Candida as it contains very high potassium and Vitamin C which makes it a good anti-oxidant. On the other hand bananas also give a boost to your immune system which in turn readies your body for fighting against the Candida.


9. Oregano Oil

The fatty acids contained in the oregano oil help against Candida as they make it antifungal. It also contains flavonoids and Phenols which makes it particularly effective against fungi. You can apply it as well as take orally. There is normally no need to dilute this oil. Apply it directly to skin. You can swallow 2-3 teaspoons of oregano oil in a day.

Oregano Oil

10. Olive Extracts

Olive leaf has antimicrobial properties. They have been used against Candida for hundreds of years. Dry the olive leaves in the sun and powder them. Take 3-4 tea spoonfuls with warm water. Do this 3-4 times in a day to alleviate infection. Candida is a very difficult infection to get rid of. It takes time and patience. The chances of recurrence are also very high. Therefore, one has to continuously look out for the symptoms that may indicate a relapse.

Olive Extracts

Also, if you find yourself vulnerable to this infection then keep any of these home remedies handy that you may find convenient. Avoid starchy and foods with high sugar content.