10 Home Remedies For Chronic Cough

Chronic Cough

Chronic cough can be a difficult condition to handle. In addition to being caused by flu and common colds, chronic cough can also be caused by other factors like smoking, allergies, dry air, medical conditions like acid reflux and asthma etc. and certain medications taken for conditions like hypertension.

Although chronic caught can be treated with the help of cough syrups and alternate medications, there are several home remedies that can treat the condition and its symptoms effectively, and prevent recurrences in the process.

Effective Home Remedies For Chronic Cough

Drink Plenty Of Water

Postnatal drips are common in infections related to the upper respiratory tract. These drips are characterized by extra secretions that flow back down throat. In most cases, these drips would be extremely irritating and would lead to constant (and severe) fits of coughing.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water and other fluids can help reduce postnatal drips by moistening and thinning out the mucous membranes present at the back of the throat. This in turn would effectively reduce throat irritation and the chronic coughcaused by it.

Gargle With Salt Water

Gargling the throat with a lukewarm salt water solution (containing salt and water mixed in the ration 1:4) at least twice a day can be beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic cough.

Gargle With Salt Water

The saline solution can act as an effective astringent and help loosen the mucus, ease irritation and reduce the inflammation in the throat tissues. This in turn can effectively prevent chronic cough.

Suck On A Licorice Lozenge

Licorice is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help bring down the inflammation and irritation in the throat that could lead to chronic cough. Licorice also acts as a natural expectorant in releasing mucous blockages in the airways that could potentially cause chronic cough.

Licorice Lozenge

Sucking on a licorice lozenge at regular intervals throughout the day can help reduce chronic cough and its symptoms. Alternatively, raw licorice sticks can be boiled in water and steeped for day. The resultant mixture can be drunk at least twice a day for extended relief from chronic cough.

Inhale Steam

One of the best known home remedies for any kind of cold or flu that involves blocked nasal passages happens to be steam inhalation. Inhaling the steam arising from a vessel of boiled water can help loosen the mucous and remove even stubborn mucous blockages that could otherwise cause chronic cough.

Inhale Steam

Adding a few drops of essential oil to the boiled water before inhalation can provide additional benefits in the form of a natural expectorant and decongestant that would instantly moisturize the airways and thin the mucous blocking the same.Steam inhalation can be practiced at least twice a day to get instant and prolonged relief from chronic cough and its symptoms.

Swallow Honey

Honey contains potent antiseptic properties that help reduce the discomfort and irritation in the throat, thereby reducing chronic cough and its symptoms to a great extent. Swallowing a tablespoon of honey at least twice a day can be extremely beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic cough.


Mixing some pepper with the honey can also soothe an irritated throat. An alternative remedy would also involve mixing a tablespoon of honey to a glass of orange juice and drinking the same at least twice day to get instant relief from chronic cough and its symptoms, including irritation and inflammation of the throat and airways.

Drink Ginger Tea

Drinking ginger tea can effectively loosen the mucous blocking the airways and release nasal congestions instantly. Ginger also contains antibacterial properties that can flush out bacterial infections that could be contributing to throat irritation and chronic cough.

Ginger Tea

A cup of ginger tea twice a day can provide extended relief from chronic cough. Alternatively, chewing on a piece of raw ginger can also relieve chronic cough and bring down its symptoms quickly.

Eat Raw Garlic

Garlic has powerful antibacterial and anti fungal properties that would help get rid of bacterial/fungal infections contributing to chronic cough and its symptoms. Garlic also contains expectorant properties that would help soothe an irritated, inflamed throat. This in turn would reduce chronic cough effectively in a very short span of time.

Raw Garlic

In addition to eating raw garlic, an individual suffering from chronic cough can opt to drink garlic broth (made by boiling some cloves of raw garlic in some water for about an hour and straining the resultant mixture) at least twice a day for quick and effective relief from chronic cough.

Drink Mustard Seed Juice

A very really irritating remedy but a very effective one as well! Drinking a solution made by boiling mustard seeds in water (for about 30 minutes after which the solution is strained) can help relieve nasal congestions and soothe irritated/inflamed airways almost instantly.

Mustard Seeds

The reason for this happens to be the high sulfur content of the compounds present in the seeds which acts as a natural expectorant in relieving nasal and throat congestions, thereby effectively treating chronic cough caused by these conditions.

Drink Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is one of the most often recommended home remedies for common colds and flus. It is also considered as a very effective home remedy for chronic cough and can bring down the symptoms of the condition almost instantly.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is known to contain a compound called Cysteine that can effectively loosen the mucous blocking the airways. Cysteine also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and can help bring down the symptoms of a cold, including chronic cough. The fumes arising from the chicken soup are also known to clean nasal blockages instantly.

Another benefit of drinking chicken soup to treat chronic cough is that it can keep the throat and airways hydrated and moist for longer intervals, thereby reducing conditions like throat irritation and inflammation that could potentially cause chronic cough.

Use A Humidifier At Home

A dry home can contribute to nasal secretions and throat irritations that can aggravate chronic cough. A humidifier can be used to retain the moisture in the air, thereby reducing the irritation and inflammation in the airways.


However, care must be taken to clean the humidifier at regular intervals so that it does not contribute to chronic cough by pumping dust, mold and bacteria back into the air (these could irritate the throat further and contribute to the condition).