Home Remedies For Dark Spots

Dark spots or age spots or liver spots are all the same and things that cause great cosmetic concern in women. Dark spots are small dark brown or black spots which appear on the areas of the skin where the melanin gets precipitated as a result of exposure to the sun. These spots can be extremely unsightly and women would want to do everything possible to remove them from their skin.

Dark spots appear only on sun exposed areas and hence facial skin is the first target, followed by shoulders, neck, hands and back. Some people are just genetically programmed to get dark spots and it is these people who are very susceptible and even a minute or two of sun exposure can create dark spots all over the exposed areas. If you have dark spots, find out how you can remove them through natural methods.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice For Dark Spots

The sour taste of lemon can treat all your pigmentation problems. Lemon makes the skin light with frequent application. It is also a good exfoliant, helping you remove the top layer of skin filled with dark spots. Apply lemon juice two times a day for a month. This will remove the spots from your skin completely.


Slice an onion and rotate the slice on the dark spots. This will trigger an exfoliating action of the skin. This can be done two times day for best results.

Onion For Dark Spots

Onion too lightens the skin and prevents the dark spots from becoming overly prominent. Constant application of onion will give you an even skin tone devoid of the unsightliness of dark spots.


The sap that comes out when you pluck a dandelion can be applied on the dark spots every day to lighten them. With the passage of each day, dandelion sap will lighten the skin a shade lighter than the previous day. After a month, you will have removed the black spots thoroughly and made your skin clear and bright.

Dandelion For Dark Spots

Aloe Vera

The skin rejuvenating properties of aloe vera is known to all. It has been used for centuries in reviving the lost beauty of the skin. All you need to do it smear fresh aloe gel attained from the plant and smear it on the skin. With every application there will be a definite positive action that goes on in the skin. Finally the skin will benefit greatly by having lightened the dark spots to a great extent and made the skin glowing and healthy.

Aloe Vera For Dark Spots

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent that is constantly used in cosmetics and lightening creams. You can use this solution directly on the age spots and leave it on for 15 minutes.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Dark Spots

Hydrogen peroxide can be secured from beauty and chemical stores. Continue application until you see results that are very visible and dark spots invisible.

Lactic Acid

Yogurt Reduce Dark Spots

Lactic acid can be found in milk, yogurt or buttermilk. Milk is a bleach as well as an exfoliant and can be applied on the dark spots to fade them away. Along with this there is also exfoliation of the skin. These two actions will remove the dark spots completely.

Home Remedies For Dark Spots On The Face