6 Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Dry Hair

One of the common problems in both men and women in these days is dry hair.  Dry hair is caused by the exposure of hair to chemical elements and extreme weather conditions which can damage and weaken the hair. Some of the natural resources that dry out the scalp are sun’s rays, ocean water, sand and wind.

Dry hair is very tenuous and breaks easily, particularly when hair is wet it can extend its length and this will damage the hair more. To cure the dry hair, homemade oil massage and homemade conditioners are highly recommended.  You can also increase Sulphur content in the food to overcome dry hair.

Always use mild shampoos that contain fatty acid, protein, balsams and moisturizers. Natural conditioners like milk and egg yolks can be used for years together to add protein. The following home remedies will give you the best solutions for dry hair.

Home Remedies For Dry Hair  


Take the white portion of an egg separated from the yolk. Then lash the white continuously with an egg beater. Add a tablespoon of water to the yolk and blend the mixture to get creamy paste.


After that, blend the yolk and white together. Slightly wet the hair with warm water, take away the extra moisture and apply the mixture of egg to the scalp with the help of your fingertips.

Massage the scalp mildly, and wash the hair with cool water.  Apply this mixture twice in a week to improve the hair condition. Wash your hair completely until the egg is washed off completely.



Take a cup of mayonnaise and heat it until in turns into white colored oil and apply on the dry hair and leave unwashed. Cover the hair with plastic bag and leave it for 20 minutes. After that, rinse and wash the hair thoroughly.

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

Extract concentrated milk from coconut. Apply to the scalp just as you apply oil. Massage the hair smoothly with your fingertips. Once it gets dried apply milk to the scalp same way. Keep it for 45 minutes and then wash the hair with warm water. This will give a permanent solution for the dry hair.


Banana Paste

Mash an overripe banana and mix half cup of beaten curd. Apply this banana paste to the scalp and wrap hair up in a warm towel. Keep this for half an hour and later rinse and shampoo the hair completely.

Other Important Ways

Add a beaten egg to a cup of milk curd and add a juice of a big lemon and two or three spoons of coconut oil or olive oil to this mixture. Apply this all over the hair and deeply in the scalp region.

Olive Oil

Give a smooth massage and tie the hair with a warm towel. Keep this pack for an hour. Then rinse the hair thoroughly. The final rinse should be done with the lime and warm water.

Precautions To Avoid Dry Hair

To protect the hair from dryness avoid using hair styling products like curlers, dryers which cause damage to the hair. Always have the practice of covering the hair with a cloth or wearing hat when traveling outside in a sunny day or when windy.

Avoid Using Hair Styling Products

Cut off the split ends of the hair regularly once in a period of six to eight weeks. Never enter into a swimming pool or harsh water without swimming cap. With judicious use of these home remedies and precautions it is possible to prevent dry hair which can lead to loss of hair and hair that has no lively and charming look.