4 Home Remedies For Eyelash Growth

Home Remedies For Eyelash Growth

Home Remedies For Eyelash Growth

Ladies consider their eyes as the most attractive feature of their face. Eyes are always given a special attention when wearing makeup. It is a fact that every single lady dreams of big eyes and heavy, curly and long eyelashes. To satisfy this need, marketers have developed artificial eyelashes as well.Alas! They do not last long and cannot be worn all through. Thus, again we come back to our fantasy of having naturally thick eyelashes. Well this fantasy can become a reality. It is very much possible to have natural thick growth of eyelashes and that too without harming the eyes. There are many home remedies which can improve our eyelash growth. I will list down the most effective ones below:-

Effective Home Remedies For Eyelash Growth

Olive Oil

Olive Oil For Eyelash Growth

Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is very good for hair growth. Our eyelashes also need Vitamin E for improved growth.Take one drop of olive oil on the index finger and massage in on one of the eyelashes. Do it for the other eyelash too. You can follow this procedure every night before going to bed for best result. It is an effective and tested remedy for eyelash growth.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly For Eyelash Growth

It sounds very unusual that Vaseline can make the eyelashes grow. Yes, it does. Most of us have Vaseline petroleum jelly in our kitty. You just need to take a small amount of Vaseline on your fingers and apply it on the eyelashes from root to tip.You can apply Vaseline any time of the day. However, if you are planning to wear an eye makeup for an outing then you can apply the Vaseline on the eyelashes before applying the mascara. It will give an enhanced look to your eyelashes.

Lemon And Olive Oil

Lemon And Olive Oil For Eyelash Growth

Lemon has got a cleansing property. Our eyelashes are also required to be kept clean and healthy. We can use the cleansing property of lemon in enhancing our eyelash growth. If our eyelashes are clean they tend to grow faster. For this we have to keep some amount of lemon peel dipped in a small bottle of olive oil or castor oil for about a week.

This will enable the effective properties of lemon to dissolve in the oil. After you are able to smell the aura of lemon in the oil, we can say the oil is ready. You have to apply it regularly on the eyelashes before going to bed every night. One you rise up next morning, wash off the oil from the eyelashes. You will be able to notice the change after a month itself.

Proper Cleaning And Trimming Regime

Proper Cleaning For Eyelash Growth

As our scalp needs routine cleaning by shampoo, our eyelashes also require the same. You should not ignore them and clean them by mild shampoos regularly. It has also been observed that when any hair of our eyelashes sheds, it grows back very soon.Thus, confirming that it has the tendency of growing back. If the eyelashes are trimmed a bit at the tip in proper intervals, then the follicles will try to grow back the eyelashes and with increased intensity. This needs to be done along with the oil therapy.Hope the above home remedies help you in eyelash growth.