5 Home Remedies For Hair Fall

Hair Fall

Hair fall is a common problem that almost every person has to deal with. For some people it begins early while others are fortunate enough to avoid suffering from hair loss till their 40s or 50s. However, if you fall in the former category of people it is not too late to take the correct measures to stop hair fall.

With the home remedies discussed here you can find reprieve from hair loss and also restore volume of your hair. A number of factors contribute to hair fall such as stress, anxiety, poor health, dandruff, hereditary, etc. Irrespective of the root cause of hair fall home remedies can do a lot of good for your hair.

Best Home Remedies For Hair Fall

Neem Treatment For Hair

Neem is an herb which gives numerous health and skin care benefits to us. The good news is it can also be applied on hair to make your hair stronger. The best way to nourish your hair with the goodness of neem leaves is by rinsing your hair with neem water.


All you need to do is boil some neem leaves on low heat for 20 minutes and sieve them to use the water for washing hair. To get strong and shiny hair you can do this hair treatment two times a week.

Eggs Hair Pack

Eggs are one of the rich sources of protein. So, don’t get offended by it smell and make a hair pack with 2 eggs and half a cup of lime juice. This recipe will work by getting rid of dandruff first.

Eggs Hair Pack

So, if dandruff is one of the reasons why you are losing hair then this problem will get solved. Even if you are not dealing dandruff this hair pack will strengthen your hair and give best results to stop hair loss.


You may have heard of this home remedy seeing that using amla for hair fall is very common. In fact, amla is often recommended for nourishing hair. Boil dried amla in water and once the water has cooled down you can use it to rinse your hair.


Another way to apply amla to hair is by making a paste with amla powder and reetha powder. This paste you should be applied on your hair for half an hour and then wash it off. You should shampoo your hair the next day.

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Coconut Oil Massage

To prevent hair fall and promote hair growth a coconut oil massage to your scalp is important. A hot oil massage will increase blood circulation and the strength of hair. This will also help in adding volume to your hair and control dandruff.

Coconut Oil

You should massage your scalp with lukewarm coconut oil daily or every alternate day for a few minutes.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are rich in vitamins needed by hair. In fact it is a tried and tested formula to control hair fall.

Fenugreek Seeds

Make a paste from these seeds with the help of some water. Apply the paste on your hair for 30 minutes and then wash it off.