Home Remedies for Heat Rash

Heat Rash In summer, heat rash irritates a lot. Many problems occur related to skin. Heat rash can be caused any where in the body. Lack of care of the skin in the summers may leads to heat rash. People suffering from heat rash should stay away from sun, wear light colour clothes and avoid dark colour clothes. All age people suffer from heat rash, specially to the babies.

It may cause different skin infections if not treated properly. Some home remedies may take sometime but it is very much effective. 0% side effects. It occurs mainly in summers. Skin need special care in summers. Heat rash is common. It needs the proper and effective treatment to cure it. Avoid wearing heavy clothes.

Effective Home Remedies For Heat Rash

Home remedies gives the best treatment for heat rash. If heat rashes are not relieved by some helpful home remedies than consult your doctor. Some of the best and effective home remedies are as follows to get relief from heat rash.

Ice The Best Home Remedy

It is very necessary to first cool the affective area which is suffering from heat rash. Apply ice on the affective area and at least for 10 to15 minutes. Do not apply ice directly. Wrap the ice with thin cloth like hanky. Use this remedy for twice or thrice in a week. It gives very much benefits to heated skin.

Ice Packs

Even you can use cold water. Dip the clean towel in the cold water and remove the excess water. Apply the wet towel on the rashes. Ice is much better than cold water. It will also reduce the redness and pain. Bath with cold water. It will also work. Quick and easy home remedy.

Aloe Vera Cools

Use aloevera stick or gel. Take a stick and peel it. Rub the affective area with alovera. Rub it gently. It makes the heat rashes cool. It is anti-biotic. It is very famous now a days. Many people eat aloevera for making their stomach cool. It is used in many different problems like gas and burns. Use this remedy twice a day.

aloe vera

It contains a properties of cooling heat and healing. It is also very much useful in skin tanning. You can drink aloevera juice even. It will also work. Drink ½ glass of aloevera juice and once in a day. Drink juice for a week in summers.

Effective Sandalwood

We need equal amount of sandalwood powder, coriander powder and 2 to 3 tablespoon of rose water. Make a paste and apply it on the affective area. Leave it until it is fully dry. Wash it with cold water. Or dry the barks of banyan tree. Grind it and make a powder of it. Apply it and let it dry. It is good for prickly heat.

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Sandalwood makes the skin cool. Cooling the heat rashes area is necessary. Relief from pain and irritation. Use twice in a day. If rose water is not available than use cold water to make a paste. Dust your body with sandalwood powder.

Use Oatmeal Or Baking Soda

We need oatmeal powder. Very much common. Add little powder on lukewarm bath water. Mix it well. Take a dip bath tub. Soak yourself in this water. It will help in reducing heat rash and inflammation. Use it once a day for few weeks. Oatmeal is very helpful and effective home remedy. It is good for health too.

Baking Soda

You can also use baking soda. Little baking soda is required. It helps in prevent heat rash and infection. Prevent excess sweating. Best and easy home remedy for heat rash. After bath keep yourself clean to prevent infections. Dust your body with baking soda or oatmeal.

Gram Flour Homemade Paste

Make a paste of gram flour and add rose water or normal water. Apply it on the affective area and leave it for dry. After it is dried wash it with cold water. It is good for prickly heat relief. Removes all dead cells and red swelling. It is natural remedy. Besan can be used instead of gram flour. Use once in a day.

Multani Mitti The Remedy

Multani mitti cools the heat rash naturally. Take 3 to 4 tablespoon of multani mitti and 2 to 3 tablespoon of rose water. Make a thick paste. Apply it on the heat rashes.

Multani Mitti The Remedy

Leave it for dry. After the paste is fully dried wash it with cold water. You can use normal water instead of rose water. But rose water help in cooling the affective area.

Air Dry Faster Healing

Do not cover the affective area with anything and even do not bandage it. Exposed the heat rash in the fresh air. Let the skin breathe free. It is the simplest way of getting relief from heat rash. Air will heal it faster. Air is necessary. Stay in air conditioner room if possible. After bath let your skin air dry instead of using towel.

Neem Leaves Are Good

Margosa neem leaves are required. Take 20 to 25 neem leaves and make a paste by using water. Apply it on the affective area. Leave it for few minutes to dry. Neem leaves are very useful. It is used in clean the teeth. It prevent infection and reduce redness.


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Drink plenty of water. Consume different kind of juices like watermelon juice, coconut juice, cucumber juice, aloevera juice and lemon juice. Helps in reducing heat rash. It will cool the body temperature. Drink juice twice a day.


Mix water and cornstarch. Apply it on the affective area and let it dry. After it is dried wipe it with wet towel dip in cold water. Will give relief in heat rashes. Do not take hot cornstarch.


Honey makes the skin cool. Apply honey on the heat rash. Leave it for few minutes. It replenishes the natural elements. It is also useful for skin glow.

Cucumber Slice


The best and fast to cool the skin. Take a fresh cucumber and cut it into slices. Apply the slice on the affective area. Leave it for few minutes. Apply twice in a day. You eat or drink it also. But applying it is more effective. It is antioxidant.