8 Home Remedies For Herpes

Home Remedies For Herpes

Herpes is such a horrible disease that only person who suffers from herpes will know how painful it is. Some people might wonder about why this herpes occur and where it appears? Well, herpes occurs for various reasons such as- fever, cold, stress, infection, etc. But, it is usually a sexually transmitted disease. This is a viral disease which can be transmitted easily to other person.

It actually appears on upper or lower lip, it is called genital herpes; even it can be seen in other parts of the body. You believe or not herpes gets transmitted from one person to another, even with tip of fingers. If person with herpes on fingers touch other person, disease will be transmitted to that person.

Top Home Remedies For Herpes

Herpes causes too much of itching and irritates just like chickenpox. Though it’s a dangerous disease, there is absolutely no need to worry, as you can cure it naturally from home.

Apply Sandalwood Paste To Reduce Itching

Sandalwood Paste

As sandalwood paste has capacity to cool the pain or give relief from itching, make a sandalwood paste and apply it directly on the herpes to reduce itching.

Few Honey Drops Works Well For Herpes


Apply honey drops often and spread it over the herpes, this will reduce the pain and removes herpes further. You can even use lemon, but if it is intolerable, you can use just honey; follow this method to get rid of herpes.

Effect Of Curd And Turmeric On Herpes

Turmeric powder acts well in killing germs and bacteria; hence you can blend turmeric and curds, apply this paste on the painful herpes to get cured soon.

Curd And Turmeric

Instead of curds, you can also use coconut or sunflower oil with turmeric; even this mixture has good effect on herpes. Using turmeric with any of these combinations, will surely removes herpes in less time.

Wash Herpes With Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a cool substance that cools the itching area and reduces the torture of herpes; therefore, wash herpes with coconut water to get away from itching.

Apply Tomato Pulp To Reduce Herpes Pain

Tomato Pulp

Smash tomato or grind it well, make a thick paste, apply this pulp on your herpes. This will cool the itching and removes the irritating pain of herpes by destroying it.

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Wash The Infected Area With Warm Water

You will get relax from heavy itching when you use warm water to wash the infected area; use cotton ball to apply the warm water to the herpes.

Warm Water

Baking soda also works better in treatment of herpes; as baking soda dries the skin and reduces itching, you can even try applying baking soda in the same way as warm water. By trying any of these either warm water or baking soda, the herpes pain will be reduced and gives you good relief.

Avoid Eating Oily Or Fried Food

Avoid Eating Oily Or Fried Food

Eating oily or fried food will increase or spread herpes. Hence, avoid eating oily food like pakoda, samosa, snacks, etc. By avoiding such oily or fried food will reduce herpes in short period.

Small Pieces Of Tomatoes And Cucumbers

Small Pieces Of Tomatoes And Cucumbers

Cut tomatoes or cucumbers into small pieces and stick them on the herpes area. You can even make thick paste out of these and apply them with cotton ball on the herpes to get rid of itching and the painful herpes.