5 Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp

Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp is one of the most irritating diseases that particularly tortures while you are in social groups; you might feel shy and hesitate to mingle with social groups; it may become difficult for you to move out of your house because of such terrific itchy scalp. Itchy scalp is not just horrible outside the house, but also scary inside the house; as itching scalp continuously, will increase the stress and anger, also there is a chance of having wound over the scalp, due to itching the scalp hardly.

Though there are several ways to stop scalp itching, some people get stressed as they feel that there is no medicine for such horrible scalp itching which occurs due to dry scalp, fungal and bacterial infections and so on. There is absolutely no necessity to be worried about, as you will find various methods to solve this problem. You can avoid scalp itching easily by following the below given home remedies.

Effective Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp

Hot Coconut Oil Massage Before Head Bath

Coconut Oil

Take a tablespoon of hot coconut oil, and apply it over your head, thoroughly inside the roots of your hairs, exactly on the scalp; allow the oil for atleast an hour on your scalp and take head bath after an hour with a mild soap or shampoo. It is important to apply hot oil because, it will flow on your scalp and moisturize it, which helps to get rid of itchy scalp.

Scalp Massage With Gram Flour And Lemon Juice

Take a bowl, pour half tablespoon of gram flour; add required amount of water to the flour and mix it properly and make it a paste; then apply this mixture on the scalp and wash it completely.

Gram Flour And Lemon Juice

Later, squeeze the same amount of lemon juice, apply it on the scalp and massage your head in right order. Further, rinse and wash your head with gentle soap or shampoo. Follow this method for atleast 3-4 weeks to cure itchy scalp.

Drink Huge Quantity Of Water Regularly

Drink Huge Quantity Of Water

Itching also occurs due to stress, so drink plenty of water daily to remove stress. This will in turn assist you to escape from itchy scalp.

Wash Scalp Properly While Taking Head Bath

There are people who wash their scalp hurriedly due to their very busy time-schedule. This type of improper head bath will lead to itchy scalp.

Wash Scalp Properly

This is because, if head is not washed properly, the soap or shampoo that is applied to the head will remain on the scalp, and once water gets drained, the soap or shampoo will get dry and stick to your scalp which further creates scalp itching. Hence, wash your scalp properly to avoid itchy scalp.

Use Personal Comb While Combing Hairs

Use Personal Comb While Combing Hairs

It is very important to use your own comb while combing your hairs. Do not borrow or use others comb; doing so will create or spread fungus or bacterial infection to your scalp. This might further lead to hair fall or hair loss. Therefore, it is always recommended to use your own comb to get rid of itchy scalp.