6 Home Remedies For Migraines

Home Remedies For Migraines

Migraine is a form of headache that is severe, intense and unbearable. It usually begins from the forehead moving towards the sides and encircling the eyes. It is the outcome of the growth of blood vessels and the chemicals that are released by the nerve fibers coiling around these blood vessels. There are several medications available for migraines.

However, instead of a continuous consumption of these medicines, home remedies for treating migraines are the best way of treatment. They are quite safe and deal with the core problem of migraines. This helps in curing the root cause of migraines. Here are some helpful home remedies in treating migraines.

Effective Home Remedies For Migraines

Peppermint For Treating Migraines

Peppermint is known to show soothing result on tension headaches. Peppermint oil, with its vaso-constricting and vaso-dilating properties, helps in regulating the body’s blood flow, which is one of the main cause of migraines.


It also helps in clearing the sinuses allowing more oxygen to flow into the bloodstream. Alternatively, for that instant relief from the feelings of nausea and pain, you can simply chew a fresh peppermint leaf or have a cup of tea made from fresh peppermint leaves.

Treating Migraines With Basil Oil

Basil Oil

Basil Oil is a good relaxant for muscles. Hence, headaches due to stiff muscles and tension, can be cured by using basil oil.

Water Therapy For Migraines

Water Therapy

According to Grosberg, “Dehydrating can be a big cause of headaches”. Hence, drinking ample amount of water and keeping your body hydrated is one of the best home remedy for migraines.

Fish Oil In Treating Migraines

Fish Oil

As discussed earlier, inflammation is one of the major causes of migraines. Fish Oil helps in reducing inflammation and hence, is an excellent home remedy for treating migraines.

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Migraine Treatment With Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids helps in fighting the major cause of migraine by reducing the inflammation and lessening the capillaries constriction.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Hence, consumption of food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids is a good way of treating migraines. Some of the foods rich in these fatty acids are the flaxseed, olive oil, fatty fish avocados and others.

Amino Acids In Treating Migraines

Often low serotonin levels lead to depression, less sleep and migraines. Amino acid tryptophan acts as a brain stimulator in producing serotonin. This helps in maintaining the proper serotonin levels thus, preventing migraines. Turkey is the richest source of tryptophan. The other sources are sesame, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, whole gram, black-eyed peas, and brown rice.

Amino Acids

The other things at home that you can ensure to keep away from migraines are getting enough sleep, however avoid oversleeping. Stick to a regular exercise schedule for muscle relaxation. A proper diet with all the essential nutrients is equally important in controlling and treating migraines.

Take proper rest when you find symptoms of migraine. Placing an ice pack on painful areas shows wonder. Keep a track of your headache which will help you learn about your migraine triggers and effective treatment. These are some of the simple home remedies for easy treatment of migraines.