Home Remedies For Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness A pregnant woman, usually in her first trimester, goes through morning sickness. It is very rare but there are women who experience morning sickness throughout their pregnancy. As the name suggests, we often mistook morning sickness to happen only in the mornings.

However, that’s not quite true. Morning sickness can happen anytime during the day, though the frequency and severity differs for every pregnant woman. Wondering how you get rid of it, there is nothing to worry absolutely at all, you can try these handy home remedies for morning sickness.

Effective Home Remedies For Morning Sickness

Ginger & Herbal Teas

Ginger tea is an excellent way to soothe your stomach and motions. Herbal teas consisting of lemon balm, peppermint or chamomile help in reducing and controlling nausea.

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The most helpful and effective is the red raspberry-leaf tea that helps in relaxing the uterus muscles. However, it is best to have it with doctor’s prior consultation.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is always advised during a pregnancy. Alternatively, you can also opt for other liquids like juices and soups. Juices also help in restoring your sugar levels.


Liquid diets ensure that the essential nutritional requirements of your body are met and at the same time they are soothing for your stomach. However, it is best to consult your doctor before going on a liquid diet.


Lemon is another useful ingredient in keeping away morning sickness. You can simply sniff a lemon which will help in reducing the nausea. Or you can even take some lemon water. Lemon tea is also a good option to cure morning sickness.


Physical Activity Is A Must

Practicing yoga, certain breathing exercises help in controlling morning sickness. A simple morning walk is also an excellent exercise. Fresh air in the morning helps in reducing the symptoms of morning sickness. However again, ensure that you do not overdo any of the exercises and take a prior consultation of your doctor.

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Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are very important during pregnancy. If you feel taking them in the morning worsens your morning sickness, try taking them at night before bed. You can even try and snack after taking the vitamins to control nausea. Alternatively, you can even try kid’s chewable vitamins, but of course, with your doctor’s consultation.

Eating Habits

You have to be extremely careful about your eating habits during pregnancy. Avoid eating three full meals instead you can try eating small meals at regular intervals. This will ensure that you are not starving for quite long and thus, help in controlling nausea. It also ensures well functioning of your digestive system. Choosing right foods that are digestible, with low fats and rich in carbohydrates is equally important. So keep away from that oily, fried food stuff.

Fiber Rich Diet

You can also keep away from foods whose smell worsens your feeling of nausea.These are quite simple home remedies for morning sickness. Taking care of these small little things will surely help in reducing the symptoms of morning sickness. However, if you feel that the condition worsens, do consult your doctor. The doctor may prescribe certain over-the-counter medications for you.