5 Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is referred to the pain felt in the abdomen area. Stomach pain can usually be discomforting so much so that it can hamper your daily activities. In such scenarios, home remedies for stomach pain are very useful.

Home remedies are usually safe without any side effects and effective too. Stomach pain can result out of various reasons like acidity, gas, kidney stones, ulcers, food poisoning, constipation and so on.

Effective Home Remedies For Stomach Pain


Ginger is an effective home remedy for stomach pain due to its health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, ginger is very effective in improving your digestive system. So, as long as your digestive system stays good, stomach pain can be on the offset. This does not mean that you can go on eating ginger as long as you are not relieved from your upset stomach.


Ginger, if consumed in quantities more than a gram, can further upset your stomach. Hence, it is ideal to consume ginger throughout the day in small servings and not more than a gram. Use of fresh ginger is always recommended. Ginger tea is best advised. Alternatively, the ones who are not used to eating spicy foods can even try ginger supplements.


Lime is another effective remedy for indigestion, which is one of the main causes that trigger stomach pain. Lime is rich in ascorbic acid which works on the root of the problems.


It kills the harmful bacteria that are responsible for the release of acids that causes stomach pain, rather than just neutralizing the acids and ignoring the bacteria. You can either have a lemon juice or simply take it with some lukewarm water.


Mint is an excellent home remedy for most of the causes of stomach pain. It is an excellent remedy for improving digestion. It also works as an appetite stimulator and also helps in dealing with cramps during the menstrual cycles.


The simplest way is to take a fresh leaf and chew it. Otherwise, a tea with fresh mint is best advised.


Chamomile has a lot of anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. It helps in relaxing the digestive tract muscles, thereby giving comfort from the cramps in stomach and even spasms.


Chamomile tea is the best way to cure an aching stomach. You can even add some lemon to the tea. It adds flavor to the tea. By doing this you also get benefits of lemon in curing an upset stomach.

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Effective Treatments For Stomach Pain

Curd & Yogurt

Curd acts as an antacid and helps in dealing with problems related to digestion causing stomach pain. The good bacteria found in curd help in restoring your digestion process. Including curd in your daily meals is a healthy eating habit. It is also an excellent remedy for curing diarrhea. In addition to these simple home remedies for stomach pain, you can even try a hot pad treatment by placing it on your stomach.


This helps in soothing the stomach by improving blood circulation. You also need to ensure that you cut down your eating till the time you are relieved of your stomach discomfort. If the pain still persists it is advised to visit your physician and take medications.