9 Home Remedies for Swimmers Ears

Home Remedies for Swimmers Ears

Home Remedies for Swimmers Ears

Swimmers ear easily get infected. It should be treated as soon as you discover. Home remedies are the best, easy and effective ways of treating swimmers ear. Around 70% of swimmers suffer from ear problem. After swimming, make sure the ear is cleaned properly. Apply the best treatment to solve different problems related to ear. Try to keep your ear dry and do not swim in polluted water.

Even you can get instant relief by using some useful home remedies. You need not to buy expensive products and medicine from the market because home remedies are cheapest way of treating any disease. You can also use some home remedies before going to swim to avoid ear infection. Do not try to clean your ear when infection has occurred.In some cases, if ear pain, redness and itching are not decreasing than consult your doctor. Some of the best, simple and effective home remedies for curing pain, removing water, redness and itching from the swimmers ear are as below.

Effective Home Remedies for Swimmers Ears

Garlic Is An Antibiotic


It contains properties of antibiotic. It is very much helpful in curing swelling, stomach gas, allergies, sinus infection, kidney stones and heat rash. Many people consume garlic in the morning in empty stomach. It is very useful. First grate few cloves of garlic. Take some olive oil in a bowl and soak the oil on the grated garlic. Keep this mixture for overnight for soaking it properly.In the morning mix the mixture and strain it. Warm the oil and put 3 drops with a help of a dropper on the affective area. It is the best and easy home remedy for swimmers ear. Garlic oil and olive oil is best for ear. This mixture contains olive oil and garlic oil which extract from grated garlic. Even many people put garlic paste in foods and soups that they are consuming. It is very helpful home remedy. Use this remedy after swimming once in a day. It is good for curing pain and infection.

Hot Therapy Is Best

Hot Pack

It is common to cold therapy. Apply the hot bags on the affective area. If hot bags are not available than use this. You can also soak a cloth in a warm water and remove the excess water from the cloth. Apply it on the affective area. After 1 hour repeat it. You can also use hot bottle. Pour hot water in the bottle and wrap it with the thick towel. Apply it on the ear. This remedy will reduce pain and gives you relief. It is the best and effective home remedy for swimmers ear.Make sure that you do not use too much hot water. Even many doctor says to do this remedy at home. It is useful in curing swelling, heat rash and gum pain. Must try this remedy. Do not use the bottle directly on the affective area it may cause damage. Cover the hot bottle with thick towel or a cloth and than use it. Use this remedy after swimming. You can also apply warm heating pads on the ear.

White Vinegar Is An Easy Remedy

White Vinegar

We need white vinegar. Mix few drops of white vinegar with some water. Apply few drops of this solution with a dropper on the affective area. This remedy will reduce pain. Even you can mix white vinegar with rubbing alcohol for quick relief. It is the best and easy remedy for curing ear pain and itching.Use this remedy once a day. It may give you instant relief if applied properly. It is also easily available at home. It is antioxidant. It contains healing properties.

Use Tea Tree Oil And Mineral Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Both the oils are very much common and useful. Mix 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil and 2 teaspoon of mineral oil. Apply 2 drops on the affective area. Use this remedy after swimming. This home remedy prevent from infection.It is the best and effective remedy for swimmers ear. You can also pour warm oil on the ear and close with the cotton swap. This remedy is even good for children.

Rubbing Alcohol Is An Effective Remedy


Mix equal amount of water and rubbing alcohol. Put few drops on the affective area and tilt your head until the solution get in properly. A sound will come from the ear after applying the solution. It is the best and effective remedy for swimmers ear.

Apple Cider Vinegar A Remedy

Apple Cider Vinegar

We need equal amount of apple cider vinegar and alcohol. After swimming fill ear canal with this solution and then empty the ear canal out. It is the best and effective home remedy for swimmers ear.It prevent from infection. Use this remedy after swimming. It is also helpful in curing nail infection, swelling, allergies, sinus infection, ear pain and thrush.

Onion Juice Is The Best


Take an onion and cut into half. In the microwave warm the onion. Person with the ear infection lay down on the side of infection ear is facing up. Squeezes the warm onion juice into your ear. Apply 4 drops of onion juice with the help of a dropper. You will feel better within few minutes. It is the best, easy and effective home remedy for swimmers ear.Onion juice is useful in swelling, thrush, allergies and circulation. Even many people put onion paste on the foods and soups. It will give you the best result. Do not put hot juice on the ear.

Salt Pillow Use It

Salt Pillow

Take 1/2 cup of regular table salt. Sewed the salt in a clean white cloth for making a pillow. You could warm the salt pillow up in a frying pan. Lay down on the affective ear on the pillow. This remedy will warm the ear and remove water from the ear. Apply it after swimming. This remedy is even good for children.

Hair Dyer Is Good

Hair Dyer

Warm the hair dyer and blow it on the affective area. It will help in evaporating the water. It is an effective and easy home remedy. Use this remedy after swimming.