10 Home Remedies For Toothache Pain Relief

Home Remedies For Toothache Pain Relief

Toothache is the most intolerable pain that makes person helpless. It is commonly known that toothache or tooth pain occurs due to the teeth decay or cavities; it might also occur due to inflammation of the teeth,due to gingivitis; sometimes it is found in the people who grinds their teeth while sleeping- it will damage the nerves deep inside the gum, and so on. Such people will have to consult their nearby dentists immediately when horrible toothache occurs, as it is very dangerous to take risks.Suppose, if toothache occurs at unexpected or uncertain periods, especially during nights or on holidays when the hospitals are closed, then you should always know the quick home remedy to cure the irritating tooth pain any time when it becomes difficult for you to reach dentists at right time.

Top 10 Home Remedies to Cure Tooth Pain

1. Prevent Toothache Through Sensitive Toothpaste

Brush with sensitive toothpaste that works like any other pain killers. This will surely reduce the toothache in less time.

2. Get Rid Of Toothache With Cinnamon

To get rid of pain, you can either chew cinnamon stick or use cinnamon powder and rub it over the teeth and gums to get away from tooth pain.

3. Gargle With Lemon And Baking Soda

As Lemon and Baking soda are anti-bacterial substances, apply baking soda in half cut lemon and squeeze on the infected teeth to get relief from the toothache.

4. Keep Big Salt Between Teeth And Crush

Big Salt is very effective to kill the pain. Therefore, keep big salt between your affected teeth and crush the salt to get quick relief from tooth pain. You can also gargle, a glass full of salt water for better relief.

5. Consume Vitamin C Pills to Cure Terrific Toothache

If you have tried any other remedy and failed to cure toothache, you can consume Vitamin C pills. These pills will surely help in curing your toothache in less time.

6. Cloves are the Best Home Remedy for Toothache

To reduce toothache, you can keep cloves between the painful teeth to reduce pain; else gargling mouth with warm cloves water will also help; or you can even make cloves powder and rub it over your teeth or gums to reduce the pain, just like cinnamon powder.

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7. Rinse Mouth With Coke or Pepsi

As Coke or Pepsi has strong acidic ingredients, they have the capacity to kill germs or bacteria. Thus, you can rinse your mouth using Coke or Pepsi to reduce toothache.

8. Consume IMOL Plus Tablets

IMOL is the best pain killer that includes Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Caffeine to give you good relief from tooth pain. Even tablets like Vriace-P that contains Aceclofenac and Paracetamol, works well in curing the tooth pain.

9. Brush Teeth With Neem Stick

Usually, ancient people were supposed to use Neem stick to brush their teeth, this helped them to get strong teeth. So, use Neem stick to brush atleast twice in a week to get healthy strong teeth.To get relax from tooth pain, you can boil Neem leaves with a glass of water, and rinse your mouth with this water like any other mouthwash for better relief from  toothache.

10. Use Mouthwash or Mouth Spray For Quick Relief

After consuming food, it is very essential to use mouthwash or mouth spray to clean your teeth which further avoids toothache. To keep your teeth safe, it becomes essential to brush your teeth after having food.