Homeopathy In Treatment Of Breast Cancer

Homeopathy For Breast Cancer

Homeopathy For Breast Cancer When you are afflicted with cancer, your natural instinct is to go with conventional treatment methods like chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatment.

But, there have been cases where a complete alternative approach too has resulted in complete healing of cancer patients. Much depends on the expertise of the doctor who is treating you while taking an alternative treatment method for breast cancer.

Homeopathy is a great alternative treatment method which offers tremendous results for breast cancer patients. This branch of medicine can be considered as an alternative to conventional treatment methods if used at the right time.

Homeopathy treats the symptoms of the patients and hence every patient will have a different method of treatment lined up for them. Here are some ways to approach homeopathy adequately.

History Of The Patient

Since homeopathy treats the entire body symptomatically, the homeopath would look at your entire medical history before making a plan for your treatment.

Make sure that you have all the facts ready with you while you consult the doctor so that he/she can hit the right treatment plant at the first go. Make a list of all the symptoms that trouble you and possible reports of tests that you have undergone for cancer diagnosis.

Secluded Treatment Plan

Homeopathy For Breast Cancer Treatment

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As alternative medicines work best when the cancer is at the initial stages, it is best to undertake an assessment of the stage of cancer that you are in. If it is a precancerous stage, you can think of using only homeopathy as the treatment method without combining it with conventional treatment method.

However, make sure that you know the risk factors as well as homeopathy may not work well for all patients, especially the advanced stages of cancer.

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Surgical Considerations

When the cancer is in the initial stages where the lump is still small, you can first think of getting a lumpectomy done which will preserve precious breast tissue as well and also give you the chance to forgo chemotherapy and radiation treatment and continue with homeopathy after that. However, make sure that the breast cancer is not an aggressive one before you take up homeopathy.

Advanced Stages

If the cancer lesion is such that it poses difficulty for the surgeon to operate the tumour cells and if the cancer has spread to other organs and also the lymph nodes, you may still consider homeopathy as a treatment plan to contain the cancer and shrink the tumour as well before you undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Palliative Care

For advanced stages of breast cancer for which there is almost no cure and hope for survival, homeopathy can be used for palliative care. At stage IV of breast cancer, the medications and therapy sessions will not work most of the time and the patient will be given some kind of alternative treatment plans to control the growth of cancer and pain relief until she lives.

Homeopathy has many medications that can be used for palliative care for advanced breast cancer, thereby improving the chances of the patient and providing her a better quality of life as well.