How Can A Skinny Woman Gain Weight

5 Tips For Skinny Woman To Gain Weight

5 Tips For Skinny Woman To Gain Weight

It is seen that most of people are concerned about their weight and for reducing same, undertake different types of activities. Due to sedentary life style, increase in weight has become a common problem. However, there are certain people who are under-weight.For example, most of skinny women are found adopting measures for increasing their weight. One aspect that must be understood is that it is really difficult for a skinny woman to gain weight and even if she eats excessive quantities of food, body weight may not increase.

How Can A Skinny Woman Gain Weight


For gaining weight, a skinny woman must follow certain tips. For example, she must ensure that she is not suffering from poor appetite, which has been recognized as one of major problems for less-than-normal body weight. Women suffering from poor appetite do not like to eat for most of time. Such skinny women must contact a health care provider for getting medications for increasing appetite. Loss of appetite can occur due to deficiency of certain nutrients and minerals in the body or due to certain health conditions like anemia. Until loss of appetite is treated successfully, gain in weight cannot occur.

High Calorie Diet

Gain in weight generally takes place when high numbers of calories are consumed by a person. Thus, skinny woman must try to eat a high calorie diet. However, this does not mean that she must eat fried food substances or junk food items. Rather, she must consume a diet that is healthy as well as rich in calories. For example, nuts, avocados and seeds are considered as rich in calories. Similarly, dairy products, mile, yogurt, and cheese are some of food products that are healthy and rich in calories.

Olive Oil For Weight Gain

Meat, fish, vegetables and fruits should be included in diet. As far as cooking oil or medium is concerned, she must choose healthy oils like olive oil. Fats chosen by her must not lead to increase in cholesterol levels in the body. It is better if a skinny woman keeps a record of numbers of calories consumed in a particular period. This helps in ensuring that required numbers of calories are entering the body. For gaining weight, it is also necessary that about 30-50% of calories are consumed in the form of proteins. Similarly,20-40% of calories should be consumed in the form of carbohydrates.

Weight Training

Sometimes, weight training also helps in increasing weight. Thus, a skinny woman must join some gym for weight training. Weight training helps in increasing muscle mass. Since muscles weigh more than fats, increased muscle mass leads to gain in weight. While doing weight training exercises, it is very necessary that instructions of trainer are completely followed. Trainer must be told about the reason for weight training so that appropriate exercises can be chosen.

Avoid Aerobic Exercises

A skinny woman must refrain from treadmills and similar other equipments as aerobic exercises do not help in gaining weight. Rather, these aid in burning calories and losing weight. For helping body in digesting the eaten food perfectly, frequency of eating should be increased. Rather than consuming three big meals in a day, six smaller meals should be consumed.

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