How Does Ovarian Cancer Affect The Body?

Any cancerous formation in the body will make the patient extremely weak due to the fighting that goes on between the white blood cells and the tumour growth. Numerous abnormal changes take place in the body in an effort to combat the cancer growth and regain the immunity of the body.

The scenario with ovarian cancer too is no different. Though the symptoms are very much absent in the initial stages or the symptoms are very mild that most women miss it, the later stages will have a great toll on the body and women can find them a little bit overwhelming.

Bodily Changes Along With Ovarian Cancer

Stomach Problems

As the tumour advances, the symptoms are more prominent and will not be missed. An increased feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen will be felt by most women along with a bloating sensation. This will be a frequent feeling and will not subside with medication. You start experiencing pain in the lower part of the abdomen and it will be accompanied by gas, nausea etc.

Digestion Problems

Along with the nausea there will be problems related to indigestion and diarrhoea. Some women will experience constipation due to the pressure of the tumour on the colon. This will cause hard stools and resultant discomfort. The symptoms will be very similar to irritable bowel syndrome in most cases. The stomach upset is again a constant one which will not go away with natural remedies or medication.

Pain And Tingling

Pain will be felt in many areas depending on the extent of cancer. Mostly concentrated in the pelvic region, lower abdomen and stomach, the pain can be from mild to severe based on the stage of cancer that you suffer from. There would also be frequent tingling of hands and legs due to the pressure on the nerves. Nerve damage could be imminent in some cases due to the great pressure on the nerves, exerted by the tumour.

Energy Loss

Severe fatigue and lack of energy are symptoms that are common to all forms of cancer. The body’s immune system is over worked and the person feels extremely fatigued and de energised due to the cancer. As the cancer spreads, the tiredness and lack of energy will be felt more and this would be ongoing, even after adequate rest and food.

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Weight Loss

All kinds of inexplicable weight loss must be taken note of as ovarian cancer too will have weight loss along with the other symptoms. The weight loss could be due to the loss of appetite in the patient and indigestion problems that deplete the energy completely from their body.

After Treatment Changes

After the treatment of ovarian cancer, women will have to live with many permanent lifestyle changes. With a hysterectomy, there would be loss of fertility in younger women. For early stages, the ovaries could be damaged that conception becomes impossible. Add to it the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment which can damage nearby organs and decrease their efficiency. The body will always be susceptible to recurrence after a first attack of ovarian cancer.