How Is Breast Augmentation Done?

Cosmetic procedures have become a commonplace thing among women who want to look and achieve their beast in life. One of the commonest procedures undertaken by women all over the world in order to enhance their looks is breast augmentation. Breast augmentation refers to enhancement as well as increasing the size of breasts to achieve overall beauty and symmetry.

The procedure appeals to many women including those who have sagging breasts due to weight loss or pregnancy and misshapen breasts. The success and satisfaction depends on many factors including the surgeons competence, the type of implants used, after care and the body’s acceptability.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Placement Of Incision

Breast augmentation procedure is done by making an incision in the breast and inserting the implants inside. The position of the incision that is made can be in several places depending on the surgeon’s decision and also based on the size of the implants and the patient’s anatomy. The places where the incision can be made are around the nipples, around the areola, on the navel and under the armpits. These are the places where the scar remains inconspicuous.

How Are The Implants Placed?

There are two ways by which the implants can be placed; sub glandular and sup pectoral. In sub glandular placement which facilitates faster recovery, the implants are placed under breast tissues, but above the chest wall muscles thereby removing the need for piercing the chest wall muscles.

Sub pectoral placement is when the implants are under the chest wall muscles and also under the breast tissue which is more complicated. However, the decision how the implants have to be placed will be taken jointly after consultation with the surgeon and taking into consideration many other factors as well.

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Types Of Implants

There are mainly two types of implants that are used for breast augmentation. The most popular and type is silicone implants which is favoured by most women due to its firmness and natural look. However, there are many complications that could arise out of silicone implants like the gel leaking into the body and causing serious and life threatening ailments. Silicone implants are filled with liquid silicone gel and is banned in the United States due to the risk factors.

Saline implants were developed as an alternative to silicone implants and are much safer as compared to silicone implants. The salt water used in saline implants can be absorbed into the body of it ruptures. It is also easy to track a saline implant rupture than a silicone implant rupture as the saline implant deflates almost immediately when a rupture happens.

The surgery is done as an outpatient procedure where the person can return home as soon as the surgery is done. The patient is administered general anaesthesia during the process. It takes anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on the size of the implants and the nature of the surgery. Recovery time normally varies from patient to patient and can take from a few weeks to months depending on the body’s capability to heal. Breast augmentation has its risks and hence one must be aware of them and be prepared to face them any time after the surgery.