How To Avoid A Cesarean Section

How To Avoid A Cesarean Section

How To Avoid A Cesarean Section The rate of cesarean babies has drastically increased in the past few years and the modern lifestyle is primarily blamed for high rise in cesarean section of women at the time of delivery.

How To Avoid A Cesarean Section 

There are various ways by which a woman can avoid cesarean section. However, these tips need to be followed dedicatedly throughout the pregnancy period and especially during the labor period to heighten the chances of vaginal birth.

Take Nutritious Diet and Do Recommended Exercises

A nutritious diet plays a pivotal role in lowering down the high risk pregnancy cases to a large extent. The diet of the pregnant women should consist of healthy carbohydrates, especially during the last few weeks of the pregnancy to gain enough energy for giving a vaginal birth and bear the labor pain.

Most women themselves opt for cesarean babies as they can’t dare to bear the labor pain however, the side effects on the body of a woman which she suffers after going under the scissors is more painful.

There are various exercises especially meant for normal delivery of the pregnant women. Those exercises should be regularly done on the recommendations of the physician. Walking is one of the best and easiest exercises which can be practiced during the complete pregnancy phase.

Stay Active

A pregnant woman should be more active instead of taking bed rest as she is in labor not ill. It’s a scientifically proven fact that the women who remain active throughout their labor period not only experience shorter labors but also have much convenient delivery without undergoing the long labor pain periods.

Avoid A Cesarean Section
It reduces the chance of forceps deliveries to a great extent compared to the women who remain on bed rest throughout the entire labor.

Avoid Induced Labor

Induced labor used by the doctors increases the chance of having a cesarean baby up to three times as shown by various studies. For the first time mothers, it’s always suggested to wait for a period of 42 weeks before choosing the option of induced labor pain.

Sometimes, induced labor is given even before the baby is ready to come which leads to cesarean deliveries. All these things should be discussed with the doctor in advance to avoid any kind of complexities later.

Request for Intermittent Fetal Monitoring

As per the latest research conducted by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, frequent use of electronic fetal monitoring during the labor period results in higher rate of operative deliveries.

Instead of frequent monitoring, the gynecologists involved in the research recommended intermittent monitoring which should be after every 15 minutes during active labor and every 5 minutes during second stage which is the pushing stage. So, this relieves the woman in labor from being strapped to a machine and lessens the chance of surgical birth.

Prefer Natural Forms of Pain Management

One should avoid using drugs to cope with labor pains. Instead of synthetic drugs, some natural ways like the massage, water, heat therapy, changing positions and frequent urination can be tried for bearing pain during the labor period.

Though cesarean births are a boon for those whose child would have died without the help of the scissors but, all precautions should be taken to avoid such cases and one should always opt for a vaginal birth if everything is normal during the period of labor as natural way is always the best way.