How To Avoid Cervical Cancer?

Cancer is a disease of body cells. It occurs when the body cells do not function properly and grow too fast. They get out of control and these extra cells turn into a tumour. Cervix is the narrow part of the uterus which forms a canal and opens in the vagina. Cervical cancer occurs in the cervix.

You may be at the risk of cervix cancer if you smoke, if you are infected with HPV (Human Pappilloma Virus), when you have weak immune system and if you are indulging in unprotected sex with more than one partner. Cervix cancer can be life threatening disease if you are unaware of the ways to avoid it. It is curable if it detected in the early stages and it can be prevented if you follow the below mentioned guidelines.

How To Avoid Cervix Cancer?

Regular Pap Smear Test

Girls should start getting Pap smear test from the age of 21. They should get it done from a qualified gynaecologist once in two years. This is a simple and uncomplicated test. Pap smear test is done to study the changes in the cervical cells. This is the best method to detect cervical cancer in its earliest stage and if there is an unnatural cell growth it can be treated before it turns cancerous.

Reduce Or Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the major causes for cervical cancer. The best thing is to quit smoking to avoid cervical cancer.

Avoid Physical Intimacy With Multiple Partners

Having sex with more than one partner increases the risk of cervical cancer. Stick to one partner to avoid getting infected with HPV and protect yourself from cervical cancer.

Use Condoms To Avoid Cervical Cancer

You should not indulge in unprotected sex. Protect yourself with a condom to avoid HPV infection. HPV infection can be transferred in males as well as females and women can develop cervical cancer due to HPV. While you can avoid cervical cancer by following the above mentioned guidelines, there are certain foods which are helpful in controlling the growth of body cells and prevent them to turn into tumour. You should add them in your daily diet to avoid cervical cancer.

Foods That Prevent Cervical Cancer

Vitamin A rich foods are carrot, yellow capsicum, papaya, eggs and tuna. Vitamin A controls the cells from turning into tumour.
Antioxidant rich foods like oranges, bell peppers that the properties to fight cancer forming cells.

Polyphenols and Flavinoids have the ability to trap the cancer forming cells and help to avoid cervical cancer. Polyphenols is obtained from green tea, walnuts, olives, peanuts and chocolate etc. Flavinoids are present in red grapes, green pepper, grapefruit and tomato etc.

Folate is soluble vitamin B and is beneficial for interfering with the abnormal growth of body cells. Foods that contain Folate are lentils, chick peas, orange juice and strawberries etc.

Various types of herbs and spices also contain cancer fighting properties. Turmeric, garlic, rosemary, wheat grass etc. are a few herbs and spices worth mentioning.

The best way to consume these foods is to incorporate them in your daily meals. Develop a habit of eating healthy food that help you to avoid cervical cancer.