How To Avoid Transmitting Herpes

Herpes is a common viral disease seen in both men and women. It can spread form one person to another by direct contact of infected skin. It generally attacks the mouth and genital organs. Though it cannot be fully treated, you can avoid its transmission to certain extent.

Use Of Condom:

It is very essential to use protection by both men and women during any kind of sexual contact as herpes gets transmitted easily. Herpes is either transferred from genital to genital, or oral to oral, or oral to genital and vice versa.

You should always perform sex by using condoms preferably latex, polyurethane, etc. You can even protect your hands and fingers by wearing protective gloves.

Moreover, you should always put some lubrication on the condoms, as it will reduce any kind of rubbing. Stay away from spermicidal lubrication as it can lead to more infections.

Benefits Of Proper Sexual Intercourse:

You can practice safe sex if you suffer from herpes infection but make sure that the infected areas do not come in direct contact with any other uninfected regions. It is better not to engage yourself in any kind of sexual contact during allergic outburst as virus spreads very easily during this time.

Avoid Stress:

It is noted that stress accelerates the rate of herpes breakouts. Thus you should try to maintain your anxiety level, stay calm and composed.In order to control your stress,you should consult a counselor, or practice some stress management activities like reading books, meditation, breathing exercises, devotional works, etc.

It is also very important to communicate with people in order to solve your problems. Sexually transmitted diseases are still not accepted in our society. You should not become regretful and depressed if you are examined with positive Herpes infection. Take help from associations supporting this infection.

Benefits Of Cleanliness:

Cleanliness can to some extent prevent herpes infection as well as reduce the number of herpes ruptures. You should take a bath everyday in order to keep yourself clean and germfree.

At the time of outbreaks, you should clean the broken sores with soap water or alcohol using a fresh towel. This will destroy the virus and also disinfect the lesions. Make sure that you sterilize the towel after using.

It is also necessary to put dressing on the lesions in order to check further spreading of the germs. For this, you can use tissue paper or sterilized pads.

Use of Natural Remedies:

Natural remedies are always the safest options for curing any kind of ailment. They not only make your immune system stronger but also help in controlling the disease. You can consume foods having lysine like milk, soya, lean meat, etc.

You can also apply essential oils, lemon balm instead of alcohol. Some anti-virus containing herbal medicines are red marine algae, olive leaves extract, garlic, cactus named Opuntia streptacantha, etc. You can even control oral herpes by consuming Echinacea, Astragalus, etc.

Avoid Sunlight:

Sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet rays which can spread the oral herpes germs. Thus you should always apply a sunscreen lotion with SPF-30 or above before going out in the sun.