How To Calculate Breast Cancer Risk Factors

How To Calculate Breast Cancer Risk Factors

How To Calculate Breast Cancer Risk Factors We all know that breast cancer kills our mothers, sisters and daughters. But unfortunately the exact causes of breast cancer have not been determined till now. Health experts have found very few or rare reasons that may cause this killer disease, but theses are not exact reasons.

So far we have informed that pressing, massaging or touching breasts never may be the reasons or carriers of breast cancer and this is not a contagious disease. There is no chance if you get contact with any victim of this disease.

But researchers have found some reasons or factors that may create situations for developing breast cancer. These factors are identified as the risk factors for breast cancer. And the chance of breast cancer attack is increased by these risk factors.

We are now going to discuss the risk factors in brief in this article and this may help us in preventing breast cancer.


The older you grow, the more the chance of breast cancer increases. Maximum patients were detected among the women of age group 50 to 60 years.

Neglecting Abnormal Breast Growth

Some women do not care for the abnormal breast cell growth after they have noticed it for a long time. This abnormally grown cell or tumor causes breast cancer in course of time.

Family Health Relations

If any one of your family members like mother, grand mother, sister or daughter was attacked by breast cancer, your risk is higher than other women who don’t have any breast cancer patients in family history.  This risk becomes higher if someone in your family got it before the age of 50.

Genetic Changes

Some genetic changes also may be responsible for breast cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy applied to the chest may be another risk factor for women. Specially if this therapy is applied before the age of 30, it increases the risk higher. So, as younger the women get the radiation therapy, so higher the risk of breast cancer they experience in future.

Health History Since Puberty

Reproductive or menstrual health may play a vital role for breast cancer risk. After giving first child at older age or having no children at all, having first menstruation before the age of 11 years, late menopause-like after the age of 50 years and taking hormone therapy for a long time etc. may be risk factors of getting breast cancer.

Tissue Density

Women who have more dense and fatty tissues than usually other women have with respect to age, may have risk of breast cancer.

Overweight After Menses End

If you are getting overweight or obesity after menopause, your risk is higher.

Lesser Physical Movement

If you have not sufficient physical activities all the lifelong, you are in the risk of breast cancer.

Alcohol Habit

If you have a habit of drinking more alcohol regularly, you are risk of breast cancer is higher.

Though all these are risk factors for breast cancer, but these may not surely cause your breast cancer. Doctors are even now trying to find the exact causes of breast cancer. These only may be helpful for developing breast cancer. So, all you should visit your doctor regularly when you feel something wrong in your breast tissue. Earlier precautions may save your life.