How To Care For Fibrocystic Breasts

Fibrocystic breast disease is not exactly a disease of the breasts. They are lump formations in the breasts that appear due to water retention of the breast tissues. Several factors can be attributed to fibrocystic lump formations. While some may not be controlled, there are certain things that can be done to control the cysts and prevent its occurrence.

These things will also help women who have fibrocystic breast disease and help the discomfort and pain to be removed.

Diet Changes

Diet plays a great role in preventing a number of diseases and disorders of the body. Fibrocystic breasts too can aggravate with improper diet. Food that can cause inflammation and water retention in the body like caffeinated products, tea, chocolate, acidic foods like, milk, tomato juice etc. can cause the fibrocystic breasts to swell and create pain.

A low fat diet that is low in saturated fats, refined sugar, salt etc. must be practiced. Include plenty of vegetables and alkaline foods to your diet to keep the swelling under check. You can follow the diet prescribed by acid reflux patients in this case as the symptoms of acid reflux and fibrocystic breast disease get aggravated with the same diet.

Changes In Clothing

Fibrocystic breasts can be very painful, especially during the night when you wear loose clothing. This can disrupt your sleep. Wearing a sleep bra can sometimes help as a sleep bra can help in preventing the discomfort due to breast tenderness. The bra helps in keeping the breasts firm and close to the body, limiting movement and thereby pain.

Birth Control Pills

Hormone fluctuation in the body is one cause that can lead to fibrocystic breasts. To prevent the fluctuation of hormones in the body, doctors sometimes administer birth control pills that contain hormones in its synthetic form. These synthetic hormones help in regulating the imbalance in the body and prevent formation of breast masses.

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Pain Relief

More often than not, it is the pain associated with fibrocystic breasts that cause women to schedule a visit to the doctor. Once the pain is relieved, the symptoms are more tolerable and under control. For pain relief, pain relief drugs like acetaminophen can be used. However, make sure that you have the guidance of a doctor while you take pain relief drugs.

Breast Examination

Many women who have fibrocystic breasts are in a compromised position simply because other breast lumps that crop up evade their eyes. These lumps that can even be cancerous do not get detected on time as they are mostly confused with the fibrocystic breast lumps that are already present.

Women who are detected with fibrocystic breasts must make self examination a routine affair. This will help them understand the difference between a fibrocystic breast lump and other types of lumps that require more careful evaluation. Self examination will help you detect new lump formations and report it to the doctor if you find anything unusual. Though the presence of a fibrocystic lump does not in any way increase the risk of breast cancers, one has to be ever vigilant about new lumps that could be dangerous.