How To Care For Someone With Autism?

Autism is a challenge for the patient but more than that it is for those who are responsible for taking care of someone with autism. It is a known fact that autism has no cure or treatment.

Autism is a bio-neurological disorder and in this disorder there is a challenge for the patient’s communication and interaction ability. If you have a loved one who has autism then you must have information about how to care for someone with autism so that the problem of disability that the patient faces can be controlled to some extent.

Firstly, the care-takers for autism patients should understand that autistic patients feel safe in an environment which is structured. In short, they like staying within routines. If there is some change in that then they become a bit aggressive and do resist to the change. You should make sure that the patients stick to their routines, but at the same time you should also introduce new information within that routine. This will help the patient to learn new things with in the same framework and will ensure better developmental options for the patient.

As a care taker you should adopt positive attitude and this will help in reducing the aggressive behavior. If there is good behavior then you should reward the same with a positive or inspirational word. But you will also have to maintain patience when there is an aggressive behavior. A punishing attitude will make situation worse and thus you should be calm and composed while handling an autistic patient. Visuals, tactile stimulations and such other learning aids should be used for teaching autistic patients. It is seen that pictures, images and visuals would work better on these patients.

Certain changes in diet would help in improving the brain function to some extent. If wheat, oats and products having gluten are removed from the diet then this helps in inhibiting aggressive brain functioning. But since avoidance of such foods would lead to lack of nourishment, it is important to use a good brand of vitamin supplement.

It is important to talk to the doctor about the behavioral changes that are seen in the autism patients. This will help the doctor in understanding the pattern of treatment that is required to be adopted. The medications that have been prescribed by the doctor should be administered to the patients as prescribed.

As a care taker it is your responsibility that the patient takes medications properly with out skipping any dose. Most of the doctors recommend antidepressant pills when there is an aggressive behavior. Thus you should have such medications at your reach so that when you come across such a behavior you can control it with medications.

Being the parent, spouse or care taker of the autism patient would really be a challenge but you will have to develop positive approach towards them. You will have to be creative enough to tackle them. Thinking of various games, developmental activities etc. is in your hands. You should design several activities where making things out of clay or such other things are involved. If required you should meet other autistic care takers at online forums for autism or at meetings organized for them so that there is a healthy discussion about how to take care of autism patients.